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Tear Offs (20 Stk.)
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Tear Offs (20 Stk.)
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    100% Tear Offs (20 Stk.)

    During alle Modelle Einzigartige Eigenschaften, Passgenauigkeit und Funktion Bieten, Tragen sie sterben same DNA in sich und Nutzen sterben same Austauschbare TOPView® Lens-Technologie und Tear-Off-Systems.
    100%'ve always been a synonym for the American motocross and is associated with many formative moments that have made Motocross to what it is today. The roots of 100% is found in the early eighties, when the famous 100% logo icon for the equipment of the biggest names in motocross was. 30 years later, the passion is still the same for racing and 100% inspired it a whole new generation of athletes. Meanwhile, including some of the top mountain bikers to the 100% drivers: Andrew Neethling, Nico Vouilloz but Mick and Tracey Hannah.

    100% - Accessories

    • For each model, a replacement glass can be purchased with the SVS-Roll-Off-System (only for Accuri) Always keep a clear view in treacherous conditions.

    Scope of delivery: Tear Offs (20 pcs.)
    UPC: 817779010396
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