Bike holidays: enjoy the freedom

What must not be missing for a perfect vacation? Exactly – your own bike! The only question is what you need to take with you on vacation with your bike and how it gets to the vacation destination. To make it easier for you, we have created an overview of what is needed for bike holidays. First things first: bike carrier! For the comfortable transport of your bike you can find towbar bike racks, roof bike racks and boot bike racks including accessories. If your bike is to be transported in the car or by airplane, you are exactly right with transport bags, bike bags and bike covers. Of course, the right bike bag must also be part of the kit. For the small breakdown in between, you will find the right helpers at repair kits and tools. Energy supplies can be found in our nutrition section, while sun protection, shower gel and similar items can be found in our body care section. And when you're riding with your kids on vacation, you will find the right products over here.

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