E-road bike – faster climbs and less fatique

A road bike with an electric drive unit? What doesn't seem to make much sense at first, turns out to be a very useful invention on closer inspection. There are a number of settings where the combination of a fast, smooth-running bicycle and an electric support offers lots of advantages. Thanks to motor and battery, an e-road bike can make climbing easier, can hold a high speed and, of course, cover bigger distances. But the most important thing of all is the possibility to control the strain and reduce the fatigue – a decisive advantage, whether you use your e-road bike as a training device or for recovery purposes after an injury. Today, sophisticated technological solutions are available that have already proven themselves in terms of suitability for everyday use as well as performance. They support road cyclists without spoiling their fun. Gravel models have recently been added to the range, widening the variety of possible applications.

Bicicleta eléctrica da carretera

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