Versatile trekking bikes: the most popular choice with ladies

Trekking bikes are enjoying great popularity among women – and with good reason. Because as modern, sporty bicycles, they are suitable for urban use on city streets as well as for rides in the countryside on gravel and forest paths. Thanks to their construction, these bikes are generally very versatile, although there can be considerable differences between individual models. Designs, components and thus riding characteristics vary depending on whether a women’s trekking bike is more of a city and excursion bike for shorter distances or a proper touring bike for extended trips. Regardless of which type you prefer, a good ladies bike should always match the anatomy of the female rider. Read on...

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Trekking bikes for ladies: popular all-rounders

There’s a general rule when it comes to trekking bikes: the longer and more demanding the trip, the more important the performance level of the components. A trekking bike, which is mainly used for shopping or commutes to your workplace, does not necessarily require high-tech equipment such as a sophisticated suspension fork and a top-class shifting group. A robust rigid or steel suspension fork, functional rim brakes and a smooth 3-, 5- or 7-speed gear hub or an 8-speed derailleur are more than sufficient for everyday use.

A bike for touring and everyday use: high-quality trekking bikes for women

If extended tours on different kinds of terrain and with some sort of luggage are what you have in mind, it's worth investing in quality components. With their excellent adjustability and braking effect, hydraulic disc brakes are ideal for trips in the hills and mountains – as are powerful shifting components. The advantages of a good air suspension fork become apparent once you go off-road: The soft suspension perfectly absorbs the unevenness of a rough surface. Some suspension forks come with a lockout function which allows you to block the suspension for steep climbs and rides on paved roads. This way, you will be able to ride faster when you want to and enjoy the comfort of a suspension when you need to.

It's all about the right weight and size

When choosing a trekking bike for a lady, it is crucial to consider the size and the weight of both, the rider and the bicycle. Rather petite cyclists should opt for a possibly light and agile bike. This will make cycling easier and safer. Bikes which are too big or heavy are not just less comfortable, they are also more difficult to handle. You can determine your ideal frame size with our frame calculator.