SRAM X01 Eagle AXS: wireless freedom

SRAM‘s X01 Eagle AXS™ MTB group appeals to the explorer in us. It is designed for tough enduro use and offers a transmission range of 500 percent. Thus, even unknown routes with steep climbs are no longer an obstacle. As typical for the Eagle series, the X01 Eagle AXS™ also features SRAM's 1x™ technology. The biggest innovation, however, are the electronic components of the shifting group. There are no interfering shifter cables or housings, and the shifting system works precisely, quietly and quickly at the touch of a button, even under full load. The control unit is easily customizable via smartphone app, the up and down shifting and the operation of the Reverb AXS™ dropper post can be freely configured.

X01 Eagle AXS

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SRAM Upgrade-Kit Installation

The two main features of this electronic shifting group? It‘s fast and quick. Why? Well, it works with an incredible speed, which will make you even faster on the trail, and is easy to assemble – literally ready to go. What you can see on the picture is the complete shifting group including charger, cable, handlebar clamp and chain gap adjustment tool. Unbelievable, isn’t it?
Our starting point: a bike with Eagle components and shifter cables + a little tool.
Let’s say goodbye to the shifter cable and its housing. The cassette, crankset and chainring will stay, the rear derailleur and the shifting lever will have to go.

Step 1
The first step is to loosen the rear derailleur cable. The end cap can then be cut off and the cable removed. Now the shifting lever can already be unscrewed!

Step 2
Easy and straightforward: the AXS controller goes in the same place! The clamp included in the scope of delivery is not required in our case.
Step 3
Time to open the chain which can be left hanging in its position. Now use the allen key to loosen the rear derailleur bolt.
Step 4
Let’s mount the new AXS rear derailleur. It is essential to consider the torque indication on the screw. Adjust and lock the chain ...
Step 5
... and there you go: time to use the AXS battery. (Don’t forget to remove the red safety device first :) )!
Step 6
To ensure that the controller and the rear derailleur can „communicate“, they have to be coupled. It’s therefore necessary to press the respective buttons and start the pairing process. First on the derailleur, then on the controller!

It’s a one time job. Once the components are acquainted with each other they will always recognize each other.

Step 7
Finally, the fine tuning. Take the chain gap adjustment tool and control the vertical distance between the rear derailleur and the sprocket. If necessary, readjust the so-called B screw. Now check the end stops (high and low) and readjust them too, if necessary. The last adjustments are done by the shifting components themselves. Incredible but true.

And that's it!