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Sigma Sport
ROX 12.0 Sport Set
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Sigma Sport
ROX 12.0 Sport Set
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  • Description

    Sigma Sport ROX 12.0 Sport Set GPS Cycle Computer

    The Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport GPS Bike Computer comes in a set with chest strap for heart rate measurement and speed / cadence sensor. The GPS computer combines innovative map navigation and a professional training system with a clearly structured operating concept.

    GPS bike computer with innovative map navigation: the ROX 12.0 Sport from Sigma

    Like your smart phone, you can return to the start menu at any time by pressing the home button. The side and bottom buttons can be used to operate the ROX 12 when wearing gloves. A WiFi interface, the detailed map with quick and easy routing and numerous training functions make the ROX 12.0 perfect for training and touring.

    Scope of delivery - ROX 12.0 Sport Bike computer Set

    • 1 x ROX 12.0 Sport Bike computer
    • 1 x R1 Duo Comfortex + Transmitter incl. Textile Chest Strap
    • 1 x R2 Duo Speed & Cadence Sensor – Sigma Sport
    • 1 x GPS holder
    • 1 x GPS butler (extended handlebar holder)
    • 1 x Micro-USB cable
    • Mounting material
    • Quick start instructions

    Features - ROX 12.0 Sport

    Innovative map navigation
    The routing possibilities are variegated and flexible, e.g. entering an address or coordinates, looking for a "´Point of Interest" or simply marking a freely selected point on the map. It is possible to add intermediate destinations to an existing route. Existing points on the route can also be skipped during the tour. A unique and fascinating navigation feature is the "Draw my Route" function. If a line is drawn on the map by hand, the ROX 12.0 uses it to create the appropriate route. This can be saved as a track or started immediately. There are always three options when a route is created. The user can choose between the easiest, the recommended and the shortest route. Preferences regarding the type of surface (bike paths, roads, unsurfaced pathways) can be defined in the Sport Profile in advance. Maps of 20 European countries have already been preinstalled on the ROX 12.0. Additional maps can be downloaded free of charge.

    Professional training system
    The training views of the ROX 12.0 offer maximum flexibility. Up to six screens can be freely configured. Depending on how many values are to be shown on each page (1-10), different suggestions for the layout are made to the user. A total of 30 training views are available. The computer can be quickly adapted to the wishes of its user. The central feature is the Sport Profile, which can be used to individually specify not only the training views but also the sensors and diverse routing options for each bike. Apart from the specific performance values such as TSS®, NP® and IF®, the ROX 12.0 also provides the supplementary OCA and OCP values of a Rotor 2INpower. The unit enables both graphical and numerical representation. Thanks to ANT+ and BLE, the ROX 12.0 SPORT connects to the known sensors, thus offering a variety of functions and information.

    WiFi connectivity
    Via the WiFi interface, it is possible to transfer tours and segments directly from the Strava, Komoot and GPSies portals to the ROX 12.0. The user's own tracks from the DATA CENTER or the SIGMA LINK app are also transferred by WiFi via the SIGMA CLOUD. As soon as the user has logged into the training portals, the data is transmitted by WiFi automatically. In addition, the training data are directly available in the SIGMA CLOUD and can be synchronised with the SIGMA LINK app and the DATA CENTER. If there isn't a network in the vicinity, a mobile phone can also be used as a WiFi hotspot.

    Powerful hardware
    The bright display of the ROX 12.0 is perfectly attuned to outdoor use. Irrespective of whether the sun is shining or there is little light available, the data are always clearly legible, even without background lighting. The touch display can be used reliably in all situations. It can detect rain, for example, and therefore cannot be blocked due to raindrops.

    Individual design
    In addition to the standard colours "grey" and "white", there are other coloured shells, which are optionally available as accessories. Each of the shells (optional assessory) in the colours "wild orange", "sky blue" and "lime green" comes with sets of buttons in all three colours.

    Product features

    • Diverse routing options
    • Detailed OSM map material
    • Maps of Europe preinstalled
    • Maps can be download free of charge anywhere in the world
    • 30 training views
    • Strava Live Segments
    • Creation of workouts on the unit
    • Enhanced power functions (TSS®, NP®, IF®)
    • Compatible with Di2, eTap and Rotor 2INpower (OCA, OCP)
    • WiFi interface for fast data transfer
    • Synchronisation of the training data with the DATA CENTER and SIGMA LINK app via SIGMA CLOUD
    • Direct connection to Strava, Komoot, GPSies & TrainingPeaks
    • Transreflective 3" display
    • Fast user interface
    • 8 GB internal memory (extendable with 128 GB MicroSD card)
    • Battery time of up to 16 hours
    • Dimensions: 59 x 115 x 17 mm


    • gray


    • 125 g (manufacturer information)

    Features - R1 Duo Comfortex + Transmitter incl. Textile Chest Strap

    The heart rate transmitter R1 DUO uses two different transmission technologies. The data are sent via ANT + to the ROX GPS 12.0. You can also use Bluetooth Smart to share with your smartphone.
    • Heart rate measurement
    • With ANT + for data transmission
    • Bluetooth Smart for communicating with the smartphone

    Features - R2 Duo Speed & Cadence Sensor – Sigma Sport

    The new R2 DUO Combo for speed and cadence. The R2 DUO combo transmitter transmits the data to both ANT + and Bluetooth Smart compatible devices. This allows all important data to be sent simultaneously to the ROX GPS 11.0 and to the smartphone with any compatible app.
    • Speed + cadence extension
    • R2 Combo Duo
    • ANT +/Bluetooth Smart

    Sigma Sport ROX 12.0 Sport Review

    Ralf reviews

    The ROX line of bike computers has offered us extensive data from our handlebars since 2008. The German company Sigma, specialized in electronic bike accessories and founded in 1981, has now introduced a new GPS bike computer for 2018 which represents an important step in the evolution of their development. As the GPS bike computer market is a fiercely contested area, the number 1030 will likely not be a favourite of Sigma—it may even be the room number of their toilet ;-). Sigma Sport wants to tackle the top league of navigation systems for cyclists with the new ROX. This is asking for a review! Go, Ralf! Read more...

    To the review

    SIGMA SPORT // ROX 12.0 SPORT // Basic Operation (EN)

    SIGMA SPORT // ROX 12.0 SPORT – Pack Shot (EN)

    SIGMA SPORT // ROX 12.0 SPORT // Tutorial Navigation (EN)

    SIGMA SPORT // ROX 12.0 SPORT // Installation (EN)

    Primer Vistazo al Nuevo Sigma Rox 12.0 Sport

    New SIGMA ROX 12.0 Sport | GCN Tech's First Look

    GCN Tech Unboxing: New SIGMA Rox 12.0 Sport

  • Reviews
    Seit Februar 2019 den Rox12 im Einsatz. Sehr guter Kontrast. Sehr schnell in der Berechnung von Routen. Gute Kartendarstellung. Datenimport und Datenexport funktioniert tip top. Display dürfte noch etwas größer sein. Prima Erreichbarkeit vom Kundenservice.
    Der ROX 12.0 GPS ist endlich eine passende Antwort von Sigma Sport auf die wachsende Nachfrage nach Fahrrad- und Wandernavigationsgeräten. Das Gerät selber mutet Klasse an und auch die Software lässt keine Wünsche offen. Basierend auf Open Streetmap-Material, umfangreichen Bedien- und Einstellmöglichkeiten und zuverlässiger Verbindung mit WiFi, BT oder ANT+ hat an diesem Gerät jeder Sportler seinen Spass. Und das Ganze zu einem sehr guten Preis-Leistungsverhältnis!!
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