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The e-trekking bike for women

The e-bike version of the trekking or touring bike ensures reliable mobility, easy travelling even over long distances and simple handling. Accordingly, these elegant bikes with electronic support are as sporty as they are comfortable. Thanks to their lighting system, they provide safety on the road and off-road. In fact, they are very versatile when it comes to use and terrain. The range covers sporty trekking bikes, city bikes and bicyles with a so-called "Easy Entry" which makes it easier to get in the saddle. Learn more about e-trekking bikes for women ...

Women Trekking E-Bikes

A perfect match: trekking bike + electric drive

E-bikes are not just some sort of trend, they are one of the most important elements of a new generation of mobility. The trekking or touring bike is particularly suited for use with an electric drive and certainly among the most versatile bikes ever produced. Offering lots of practical features, such as mudguards and racks, these bikes are not choosy when it comes to terrain, distance or speed. They are reliable companions on the road, fast on gravel and robust enough for rides on forest or mountain paths. A trekking bike is as ideal for your daily commute to work as for occasional outings or long-distance cycling tours.

The women’s touring bike with the little extra

In combination with an electric drive unit, the mobility, which a trekking bike has to offer, is even bigger and more reliable. The pedelec concept increases the range, makes climbs easier and reduces fatigue. An e-trekking bike allows you to transport luggage or children's trailers with considerably less effort. Equipped with a Bosch mid-engine and a strong battery, the trekking e-bike for women means cycling comfort for everyday use and leisure tours. It supports the female rider up to a speed of 25 km/h per hour, provided she is pedaling. The electric drive is only switched on when power is applied to the pedal. The bike can, however, also be used without motor support.