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Bosch E-Bikes 2020 625 Wh buy online

Bosch Performance Line CX: the new 4th generation motor

For the e-bikes of the 2020 season Bosch has come up with a new generation of motors and batteries. The 4th generation Performance Line CX motor is 48 % smaller, about 25 % lighter and more efficient than its predecessor. The torque is still at 75 Nm, but the maximum support has been boosted from 300 % to 340 %. This means you've got even more power available for really steep climbs. The most powerful Bosch battery is elegantly hiden in the down tube and now has a capacity of 625 Wh. It thus offers a much greater range than the batteries of the previous generation – in the eMTB mode, it covers 20 kilometers more distance than the 500Wh PowerTube battery! Find out more about the new motor and the more powerful battery here.

Bosch E-Bikes 2020 625 Wh Centurion