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The Bike-Discount Company

Bike-Discount 2007
Company premises in Grafschaft-Gelsdorf, 2007

Your one-stop online bike shop

Bike-Discount offers everything to do with bicycles. We are one of the biggest online shops for bikes, bike components, accessories, and clothing in Europe. The company behind our bike shop is rock-solid and based on dedicated employees making bike dreams come true all over the world. Quality at an affordable price is our motto right across the entire shop: from the complete bike to the smallest screw! What's more, we don't just offer you everything from the world of cycling: we also carry an extensive range of running, outdoor, streetwear and ski products.

More than 30 years of passion for cycling

Over the years, we have grown more than just fond of cycling. It really is close to our hearts. And that’s why we want to encourage our customers to cycle and to support them as cyclists. After all, bikes are unique means of freedom and happiness. They offer us mobility, keep our bodies fit and our minds healthy. We are convinced that cycling is one of the most beautiful forms of movement for young and old, whatever kind of riding style and bike you prefer. This is the message we want to convey every day, turning every single cycled mile into a wonderful experience. This attitude has also been reflected time and again in our numerous bike teams, which we have either run or sponsored over the years. Professional cycling teams are a brilliant opportunity to gain experience, test new ideas or prototypes and push the material to its limits. The fundament for being able to support our teams in this manner is, of course, our own bike brand RADON.

Headquarters in Grafschaft-Ringen, 2020
Bike-Discount 1995
Our former store in Bonn-Dransdorf, 1995

Over 30 years of bike expertise

We have been passionately dedicated to bicycles and cycling for more than 30 years now. What started out in 1989 as a small garage project run by two students has grown into an online store that ships over 1 million parcels a year. In the early nineties we opened our first shop in Bonn, the charming city on the Rhine, which was then still the seat of government of the recently reunited Germany. To our great joy, we now had the opportunity to open not only on Fridays and Saturdays, but all week long. Henceforth the steps we made grew bigger.

In 1993 we started working on the RADON project. Then as now, the name stands for excellent bikes with high-quality equipment. And since things were going very well, we continued to need more and more space. We therefore moved to a larger store within Bonn in 1995. The year 1999 brought another type of expansion: we went online with the shop and became one of the industry’s e-commerce pioneers. A strategic consequence of the growth in this area was that the online business was transformed into an own business division in 2002. It remained in Bonn until 2007 when we moved to a new warehouse with an attached office building in Grafschaft-Gelsdorf, a community near Bonn. Step by step, we have built a company with very clear targets: a huge selection, top quality products, unbeatable prices and an excellent customer service. We are bike, internet, and shipping experts, and we do our best every day to ensure that every single parcel reaches our customers as quickly and safe as possible.

Over the years, the retail store also needed more space for bikes, parts, and clothing. In 2013, we realized one of our biggest bike dreams: the MEGASTORE. On a total area of 5,000 m² we created a bike universe that contains everything to do with cycling. The next big step is already in progress. In 2020, the online division will expand again and move into a brand new, state-of-the-art 10,000 m² warehouse with an office section in Grafschaft Ringen. Today, we send parcels containing pure cycling delights all over the world. It has been a long way from the garage to this point. And we are very proud of this development. Today, our team consists of more than 350 employees at our various locations. They bring in all their cycling expertise to make your online shopping experience as pleasant and satisfying as possible.

Bike-Discount Megastore
Bike-Discount Megastore in Bonn-Lengsdorf, 2013
Online and stationary: the biggest CUBE dealer in Germany

All the CUBE you can get!

Being one of the biggest CUBE distributors in Germany, we have a special relationship with the famous bike manufacturer from Waldershof, Germany. This connection goes far beyond a usual business partnership, it‘s a friendship that has grown into something very special over the years. As a result, we are able to offer our customers a huge variety of CUBE products, not just their brilliant bikes: CUBE also has spare parts, accessories and clothing in its range to ensure that you are always perfectly equipped. As for the CUBE bicycles, they are extremely popular for good reasons, combining elaborate design concepts with excellent equipment and always being one evolutionary step ahead of the competition. Founded in 1993, CUBE has created an unmistakable brand and today offers an incredibly wide range of bicycles: from children's bikes to outstanding trekking bikes, mountain bikes of all sorts and shapes, gravel bikes, cyclocrossers and road bikes. Many of these are, of course, also available as e-bike versions, because CUBE is also a pioneer when it comes to e-bikes. Whatever your preference, CUBE gets you rolling.

RADON – our very own trail power brand

An established name in mountain biking and our greatest bike pride and joy: RADON. Originally a niche brand for individual XC mountain bikes, RADON has developed into a highly popular top player of the bike scene. Thanks to our combination of innovative bicycle concepts, high-end equipment, and excellent manufacturing standards, we have regularly been voted test champions in Europe's most important bike magazines. Today, the variety of models extends far beyond the mountain bike range of the first hour. The RADON quality has also made a name for itself in other bicycle segments and been successful with many recreational as well as expert cyclists. The bike range extends to excellently equipped e-bikes, road bikes, trekking bikes and urban bikes, which are ideal for training, commuting and competition purposes, featuring solid frame geometries and attractive designs.

But the MTB segment is and remains at the heart of Radon's activities. Here we are particularly proud of our comprehensive selection which covers everything – from XC bikes to downhill bikes. Of course, this also applies to the electric mountain bike versions, which bring a lot of e-bike fun to the trails of this world. Whether MTB or E-MTB: RADON is cycling fun at its best!

Our latest coup is a dazzling example of this: The RENDER is an incredibly agile full suspension e-bike, equipped with high-quality components for a very special mountain bike experience. Powered by the latest generation of Bosch technology, the RENDER rides smoothly on all sorts of terrains and eliminates known limits. An explosive mixture that helps e-mountain bikers to reach unimagined heights!

Bike-Discount Radon
Radon Bikes: trail fun since 1993