Our Fall/Winter Collection turns every ride into a better experience. It’s for those who dig deep to reach the distance, even if it’s getting cold, dark, or wet outside. Whether before dawn, day, or dusk, the tease of chills and coolness have revitalising effects, greeting the passionate athlete. Our latest collection has cutting-edge designs: progressive technology and advanced fabrics to enhance your comfort and performance around every turn. Because as temperatures drop and forecasts change, every movement brings freedom, turning winter miles into summer smiles.

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GOREWEAR combines sports and science

GOREWEAR invents, designs, makes, delivers and services products for endurance athletes to enhance their experience in all-weather conditions. It takes a scientific and systematic approach to understanding the challenges you face to create solutions that help you improve.

GOREWEAR is a team of athletes and scientists. Its headquarters are located close to the German Alps – home to some of the most inviting endurance sports terrain in the world. The wide range of weather conditions offers the variety of testing possibilities they need – to create products that work, and to improve the endurance sports experience.