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New Arrivals 2020

GORE® Wear: One goal. One journey. One vision.

With GORE® Wear, the famous sportswear brand has reorganized itself. The specialisation in cycling (and running) remains and will be supplemented by a new collection for multisport use. New approaches and ideas are in play to meet the demands of the modern athletes. But one thing will certainly not change: Of course, GORE® Wear continues to rely on high-tech materials and the development of technologies.

As a cycling shop, our attention is naturally focused on the C(ycling) line. The high-quality cycling apperal keeps the motto – to put it in a nutshell: GORE® Wear makes cycling with functional equipment even more beautiful. Read more... For more information about GORE® Wear seat pads, please click here.

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Collection structure

C  CYCLING 7  EXPERT Products with sport-specific features, shape, form and fit designed to deliver at the point of maximum need.
Best for: Sport specific use
R  RUNNING 5  ADVANCED Products designed with optimized sport-specific features, shape, form and fit with added versatility.
Best for: Sport specific use with added versatility
H  FAST HIKING 3  ACTIVE Products designed with sport-specific features, shape, form and fit and increased versatility for functional performance.
Best for: Sport specific use with excellent versatility
M  MULTI-SPORT Essential kit for all athletes, engineered with advanced
technolgy for multi-sport use.
Best for: Multi-Sport use