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Mineral Light 260g Tin
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Mineral Light 260g Tin
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  • Description

    Xenofit Mineral Light 260g Tin

    ­Low calorie mineral drink with L-carnitine!
    Xenofit mineral light is a reduced-calorie, ballaststoffhaltiger mineral drink with selected minerals (potassium, magnesium, calcium), trace elements (zinc and iron) as well as vitamin C and L-carnitine for sports and fitness. The beverage granules is ideal for those who are watching your calories during exercise. 500 ml Xenofit mineral light have just 31 calories. The added L-carnitine performs functions in fat metabolism and muscle regeneration after a sporting effort. Xenofit mineral light is the ideal mineral drink to replenish the mineral storage after exercise. With the new recipe tastes Xenofit mineral light fruity yet to Limone and less sweet.

    Nutritional information:
    per 100 g per Portion (500 ml drink)
    Condensing / Energy kJ kcal kJ kcal
    1018 241 132 31
    Fat [g] 0,1 0
    of which saturates [g] 0,08 0,01
    Carbohydrates [g] 24,7 3,2
    of which sugars [g] 17,9 2,3
    Roughage [g] 25,2 3,3
    Protein [g] 0,09 0,01
    Sodium [g] 0,09 0,01
    Vitamins / Minerals per 100 g %* per Portion (500 ml drink) %*
    Vitamin C [mg] 307,7 385 40 50
    Potassium [mg] 3077 154 400 20
    Magnesium [mg] 1153 307 150 40
    Iron [mg] 30,8 220 4 29
    Zinc [mg] 38,5 385 5 50
    L-carnitine [mg] 1538 --- 200 ---
    *:% Of the reference amount according to Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011.

    Corn dextrin 30.8%, acidifier citric acid, fructose, potassium carbonate (7.9 g / 100 g), magnesium citrate (7.4 g / 100 g), calcium carbonate (3.8 g / 100 g), L-carnitine tartrate (2.26 g / 100 g), flavor (lime, grapefruit), sweeteners sodium cyclamate and saccharin sodium, Vitamin C (0.3 g / 100 g), zinc gluconate (0.27 g / 100 g), ferrous gluconate (0, 27g / 100 g).

    Directions for use:
    • 3 teaspoons (13 g) with stirring in 500 ml water and drink immediately. Depending on the need 1-2 servings Täg Lich, preferably after training and competition.
    Storage Instructions:
    • Protected from moisture at room temperature.
    Other information:
    • Xenofit mineral light is a useful dietary supplement as part of a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

    Packing units: 260 g for 10 liters
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