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Competition Fruit Tea 688g Tin
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Competition Fruit Tea 688g Tin
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  • Description

    Xenofit Competition Fruit Tea 688g Tin

    Isotonic carbohydrate drink especially for endurance sports!
    Xenofit isotonic carbohydrate drink is specially designed for long endurance sessions. For long-term exposure over several hours, the body's carbohydrate stores (glycogen =) are inadequate in working muscles for energy supply. Xenofit competition during exercise provides a balanced mix of readily available carbohydrates and helps stabilize blood sugar levels.

    Nutritional information:
    per 100 g per Portion (500 ml drink)
    Condensing / Energy kJ kcal kJ kcal
    1604 377 690 162
    Fat [g] 0 0
    of which saturates [g] 0 0
    Carbohydrates [g] 91,3 39,3
    of which sugars [g] 35,2 15,1
    Fiber [g] 0 0
    Protein [g] 0 0
    Salt [g] 0 0
    Vitamins / Minerals per 100 g %* per Portion (500 ml drink) %*
    Vitamin C [mg] 69,8 87 30 37
    Thiamin (Vit. B1) [mg] 1,6 145 0,7 64
    Riboflavin (Vit. B2) [mg] 1,9 136 0,8 57
    Niacin [mg NE] 20,9 131 9 56
    Vitamin B6 [mg] 2,3 164 1 71
    Pantothenic acid [mg] 7 117 3 50
    Potassium [mg] 139,5 7 60 3
    Magnesium [mg] 87,2 23 37,5 10
    Sodium [g] 0,814 0,35
    Chlorid [mg] 721 90 310 38,7
    *:% Of the reference amount according to Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011.

    Maltodextrin (61.2 g), fructose (20g), dextrose (5.8 g), sucrose (4.3 g), citric acid, fruit tea extract (hibiscus, elderberry, lemon peel, orange peel, rose hips) 2.3 % trisodium citrate (1.3 g), sodium chloride (1.19 g), magnesium (0.58 g), potassium bicarbonate (0.36 g), flavor (lemon, lime), vitamins (C, niacin, pantothenic acid, B6 , B2, B1).

    Directions for use:
    • For an isotonic mixture 43 g (about 3 level scoops) powder drinks pour 500 ml of water and stir or shake until the powder is dissolved well drinks. Measuring spoon enclosed.
    Storage Instructions:
    • Store at room temperature protected from moisture.
    Other information:
    • To maximize the impact of at least 40 g (corresp. About 500 ml of beverage) should be sipped carbohydrates per hour exercise. Xenofit competition is a dietary supplement as part of a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

    Packing units: Dose: 672 g for 8 liters
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    Verwende ich seit Jahren. Sehr guter Geschmack.
    Das Pulver ist gut verträglich! Man kann noch jemanden im Windschatten fahren lassen.
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