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Biking Fennec - Jersey
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Biking Fennec - Jersey
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Item no.: YY00009905
  • Description

    X-Bionic Biking Fennec - Jersey

    Like biking in the shade.
    Athletes use up to 97% of their energy for temperature management, scientists have found out. This means: More cooling brings more power.
    Modeled on the desert fox Fennec, whose silvery fur reflects the heat of the sun and its surroundings and ensures its survival in the desert, X-BIONIC® uses the revolutionary   XITANITTM material for the FENNECTM bike shirt, as it is also reflecting the heat. XITANITTM is like a heat protective shield. The shirt will get warm on the outside and remains cool on the inside. Heat deflection, sweat distribution and -condensation as well as the heatpipe construction are further features of the FENNECTM bike shirt.

    Features - Biking Fennec Jersey

    • Insulation: Cold
    • Compression: Medium
    • 3D ­Bionic Sphere® System
    • Sweat Traps®
    • X­-Impact Technology


    3D Bionic Sphere®
    The 3D Bionic Sphere® System leaves a thin film of moisture on the skin without the body sensing wetness. Sweat Traps® then transport excess sweat, allowing it to evaporate, then disposing of it via thermal dynamics. What remains is only a comfortable, thin, cooling layer of moisture.

    Sweat Traps™
    Of the 3 million sweat glands in our skin, almost 300 per square centimeter are packed into the underarm area. Sweat Traps® wick away the moisture where it begins. The Evaporation Surface Expander™ processes sweat and pulls the moisture away.

    Muscle activity creates initially unnoticeable high-frequency vibrations. If the muscles tire, however, the frequency of the oscillations becomes slower, and the muscle vibrations become perceptible. The muscles have no power. The X-Impact Technology stabilises muscles from the outset. You save energy resources. The ideal situation for high performance. The X-Impact Technology has a stabilising effect on the blood vessels. Support of the blood vessels reduces the load on the cardiovascular system and improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients. Muscles and organs are supplied more rapidly with performance-enhancing oxygen and nutrients thanks to the more rapid recirculation of blood back through the heart.

  • Details


    85% Polyester, 10% Polyamide, 5% Elastane
  • Specifications


    Manufacturer: X-Bionic
    Women/men/unisex: Men
    Fit: Slim Fit
    Use: Bike
    Washability: 30°C
    Colour: black/anthracite
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