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Advent Calendar 2020
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Advent Calendar 2020
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Item no.: 20088860
  • Description

    Wera Advent Calendar 2020

    The Wera Advent calendar 2020 includes a mini screwdriving portable workshop for 17 different screw profiles. The two tool hand holders for sockets AND bits enable the set to be used with the most important screw profiles. Includes 7 sockets, 6 bit sockets in 1/4" and 6 x 25mm bits. The 6 bits fit in the new Stubby magazine holder, with a total length of only 65 mm, which impresses as a super small screwdriving workshop. The magnet integrated in the Stubby holder is very compact and leaves the user the full range of choices, depending on the screw profile required.
    The "Wobble" extension, incl. pivoting angle of 15° in all directions, allows for successful working even in hidden and very narrow working situations. The screw set can be stored and protected in the included textile box. This box has a non-woven zone on the outside and can be easily fixed to a wall or the Wera 2go tool transport system and thanks to the included hook and loop fastener zones is super easy to attach and remove.

    Features - Wera Advent Calendar 2020

    • The iconic Wera Advent calendar has been thrilling customers with new additions every year since 2010
    • The content professionally manages 17 different screwdriving applications
    • With two hand holders to allow the included tools to be used even in small installation spaces
    • With bottle opener in the Stubby design - already a collectors’ item!
    • Ideal as a Christmas gift for this year’s season

    Product features

    • 8004 A Zyklop Metal Ratchet with switch lever and 1/4" drive
      • Mounting size: 1/4"
      • Length: 87 mm
    • 8794 A Zyklop wobble extension, 1/4"
      • Mounting size: 1/4"
      • Length: 56 mm
    • 818/1 Stubby bits hand holder, magnetic, 1/4"
      • Mounting size: 1/4"
      • Length: 65 mm
    • 323 Bottle opener
      • Mounting size: 32,10 Crown Cap
      • Length: 104 mm
    • 8790 HMA Zyklop 1/4" socket
      • 5,5x23 mm
      • 6x23 mm
      • 7x23 mm
      • 8x23 mm
      • 10x23 mm
      • 12x23 mm
      • 13x23 mm
    • 8740 A Zyklop bit socket, 1/4" drive
      • 4x28 mm
      • 5x28 mm
      • 6x28 mm
    • 8767 A HF TORX® Zyklop bit socket with holding function, 1/4" drive
      • TX 20x28 mm
      • TX 25x28 mm
      • TX 30x28 mm
    • 867/1 BTZ TORX® bits
      • TX 20x25 mm
      • TX 25x25 mm
    • 851/1 BTZ Screw driver bits
      • PH 1x25 mm
      • PH 2x25 mm
    • 855/1 BTZ Screw driver bits
      • PZ 2x25 mm
    • 800/1 BTZ Bits Slotted Screws
      • 1x5,5x25 mm
    • TB 2020 Bag
      • 340 x 110 x 40 mm


    • Steel
    • CRMO


    • 1600 g (manufacturer information)

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 x Wera Advent Calender 2020


    Zyklop Mini 3 Ratchet
    The Zyklop Mini 3 ratchet is the ideal tool for screwdriving in confined spaces. The fine toothing (60 teeth) allows a very low return angle of only 6°; the knurled wheel allows fast screwdriving even when there is no room for pivoting movement.

    Manual and machine sockets
    The manual and machine sockets can be used both for hand and power tools use (non-impact). Users need just one socket set for all applications.

    "Take it easy" tool finder system
    "Take it easy" tool finder system - with profile and size colour-coding for quick and easy tool selection. Colour-coded system for hexagon drive screws (L-Keys, Zyklop bit sockets), external hex drive screws and nuts (Joker wrenches, Zyklop sockets and Zyklop bit sockets with holding function), and TORX® drive screws (L-Keys, Zyklop bit sockets).

    BTZ-Bits have an additional tempered BiTorsion zone, which reduces the hardness of the shaft by about 20 % in comparison to the drive tip. This means that the peak loads that cause bit breakage and premature wear are absorbed in this zone – something which enhances the service life of the bits.

    Hexagon socket screws are a problem, because the contact surfaces that transfer the force of the tool to the screw are very narrow. The consequence: the head of the screw can be damaged, usually rounding out the recess. Hex-Plus tools have larger contact surfaces to prevent this, driving from the flats of the recess, rather than the corners. Good to know: Hex-Plus tools fit into every standard hexagon socket screw!

    Zyklop wobble extension
    The Zyklop wobble extensions pivot through 15° in all directions. This enables rapid and precise work in concealed or confined installation areas.

    Model year: 2020
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