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One Shot Sealant 1 L
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One Shot Sealant 1 L
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  • Description

    Tune One Shot Sealant 1 L

    One Shot – One shot is enough! Latex isn´t bad but the world does not stop rotating.

    Fast and elongated function: Tune One Shot Sealant 

    Usual stuff either is fast sealing and have low shelflife respectively effective live or stay longer active in the tire but sealing velocity is low. With One Shot you hold all the cards. A completely new formulation without Ammonia, Latex and other current additives with an incredible power spectrum: Fast and elongated function. We have tested the best available sealants on the market with a filling of 100ml milk, pressure 2 bar, nail with standardized grinded top.

    Product features

    • Use: Road, MTB, Marathon, All Mountain, Enduro, Downhill
    • Material: Synthetic sealent
    • Durability: min. 12 months
    • Others: Ammoniumfree and without natural latex
    • Volume: 1000ml

    Scope of delivery 

    • 1 Tune One Shot Sealant 1000ml
    • 1. Shake bottle contents vigorously before use
    • 2. Remove inner seal under screw nozzle (first time use). Re-attach nozzle
    • 3. Using tool inserted into bottle base, remove valve core from Presta valve completely
    • 4. Remove end cap from One Shot nozzle and press nozzle firmly over Presta valve barrel. Do this with valve at 12 O’ clock position to avoid spillage
    • 5. Rotate wheel and One Shot container to 6 O’ clock position. Gently squeeze contents until bottle is empty as seen through sight window
    • 6. Remove One Shot container and re-attach nozzle end cap. Re-insert Presta valve core using supplied tool (Do not over-tighten). Re-attach valve tool to One Shot container base
    • 7. Connect pump, compressor or high-pressure cartridge and inflate tire to recommended pressure

    ONE SHOT Sealant

  • Customer reviews
    Beste Dichtmilch überhaupt, auch in den kleinen Größen perfekt zum mitnehmen
    This is the best sealant, as far as I know. I've used so many of them all these years (25+), in Crete, where thorns are all over the place in the wilderness. Tubeless is mandatory and the heat doesn't give much chance to sealants to survive for long. I run a bike tour company, Joyride.bike, where I deal and maintain with dosens of bikes in a daily basis. In some of the routes, riding without protection means multiple flats. This sealant is the only one that has met my expectations and above! It has repeatedly sealed and survived 45mm NAILS! No dry outs, no rubber monsters in the tire. Tune's sealant not only lasts for the season and even longer, I have it on my bike for 10 months now and it is still fresh and effective! I can highly recommend it, if flats is in your riding menu do yourself and your tires a favor and give it one shot!
    Die Milch lässt sich nicht mit Spritze durchs Ventil drücken, es setzt sich sofort alles zu obwohl die Milch sehr flüssig ist. Sogar der mitgelieferte Flaschenaufsatz setzt sich zu sodas es nicht möglich ist dosiert die Milch in den Reifen zu bringen. Hoffentlich verhält sie sich bei einem Loch im Reifen genauso, das würde die schwierige Handhabung wieder ausgleichen.
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