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T2875 NEO 2T Smart Direct Drive Trainer
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T2875 NEO 2T Smart Direct Drive Trainer
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  • Description

    Tacx T2875 NEO 2T Smart Direct Drive Trainer

    With the NEO 2T smart trainer with direct drive Tacx has further optimised its iconic NEO 2 Smart. It runs quietly and at the same time is more powerful than ever before! The completely redesigned motor provides the basis for perfect indoor cycling that convinces with an even better riding feel – especially on climbs and sprints –.

    Indoor training as smooth as possible: NEO 2T Smart T2875 Direct Drive Trainer by Tacx

    The NEO 2T Smart still has the acclaimed features like Road feel, Dynamic inertia and Descent simulation. The Pedal stroke analysis is improved and can now be viewed with third party apps, enabling you to improve your power distribution and cycling performance with the software of your choice. This bike trainer is also easier to use as it is compatible with almost all rear axles directly out of the box.

    With the NEO 2T Smart Tacx has revolutionized the market by creating something that was perceived impossible: a completely silent trainer. By redesigning the internal components, they were able to significantly improve the stillness and power of the NEO 2T. The noise coming from internal air displacements is reduced even more and the same goes for the vibrations noticed at a low cadence. The very powerful resistance unit is able to simulate incline gradients up to 25% and sprints up to 2200 Watts. Moreover, it can deliver a very high resistance when cycling at low speeds, in small gears and on very steep climbs. This enables very realistic hill climb and sprint simulations. The little bit of flex allowed by its frame improves the ride feel even more. This direct drive trainer also measures your power with incredible precision, making sure that your data is accurate within 1% and reliable.

    It is the only trainer that doesn't require a calibration process because; in contrast to other trainers, there are no internal transmissions. The NEO 2T Smart is equipped with a capacitive left and right detection sensor that accurately measures the exact position of both your legs. This allows for a detailed and accurate pedal stroke analysis enabling you to improve your power distribution and cycling performance. By adding standard ANT+ Cycling dynamics, you can analyse your pedal stroke via the software of third parties; for example on a Garmin Edge bike computer.

    To make your indoor training as smooth as possible, Tacx developed a totally maintenance free bike trainer. There is no maintenance, no calibration and there are no adjustments required to train with the NEO 2T Smart. So you can completely focus on your training. This fully interactive Smart trainer measures your speed, cadence and power and can be controlled by the application of your choice. It wirelessly connects via ANT+ (FE-C) and Bluetooth in no time to cycling apps like Tacx, Zwift or TrainerRoad. Updating the NEO 2T Smart to the latest version is no hassle and goes easily with the Tacx Utility app, so you can always make use of the latest improvements and features. The smart electronics of the NEO 2T Smart also allow you to train stand alone, without any software connections. The resistance follows a progressive power curve, in accordance with cycling on a flat road. Add this to the fact that this direct drive trainer is self-powered and doesn’t require an external power source, and you have the ideal companion for your training camp or when you want to warm-up for a race.

    Product features - Tacx NEO 2T Smart T2875 Direct Drive Trainer

    • Type of trainer: Interactive Smart direct drive with motor brake
    • Magnets: 32 Neodymium magnets
    • Transmission: None
    • Electrical requirements: 110-240 Volt, Mains power optional
    • Power indicator: Multicolour LED, Spot on floor
    • Connection indicator (ANT/BT): 2 LEDs
    • Firmware upgradable: Yes
    • Suitable cassettes: Shimano & SRAM: 8 - 11 speed. Campagnolo body sold separately
    • Suitable axles: Width of rear fork: Race 130 mm, MTB 135 mm, 142 mm & 148 mm. Adapter for 135 x 10 mm available.


    • Max. power (40 km/h): 2200 Watt
    • Max. incline: 25%
    • Simulation of descent: Yes
    • Max. torque: 85 Nm
    • Max. brake force: 250 N
    • Flywheel: Virtual
    • Mass inertia: Variable to 125kg (275.6lbs)
    • Calibration: No calibration required
    • Footprint (lxw): 575 × 750 mm (22.6 × 29.5 in)
    • Height: 550 mm (21.7 in)
    • Dimensions when folded: 620 × 260 × 440 mm (24.4 × 10.2 × 17.3 in)

    Data Output and Control

    • Wireless communication: ANT+ FE-C, Bluetooth Smart open
    • Control by: Smartphone, Tablet, ANT+FE-C bike computers, Stand alone, Connect to computer via ANT+antenna
    • Output: Speed, Cadence, Power
    • Read out on: Smartphone, Tablet, Bike computer, Sports watch, Computer with ANT+ antenna
    • Accuracy: <1%


    • 21.5 kg (manufacturer information)

    Main Features

    • Pedal stroke Analysis: Measures the exact position of your left and right leg.
    • Road Feel: Feel the vibrating sensation of riding over cobble stones and gravel.
    • Isokinetic & isotonic: Train on a fixed speed or power level.
    • No calibration: The only trainer that doesn’t need to be calibrated.
    • Connection indicators: Intuitive LED lights indicate if you’re connected and powered.
    • Foldable: A foldable frame for easy transport and storage.


    Complete Stillness
    By redesigning the magnets, we significantly improved the stillness of the NEO 2T. The noise coming from internal air displacements is reduced as well as vibrations noticed at a low cadence, that were being transferred to the floor. Resulting in a more silent Smart trainer then ever thought possible.

    Smooth Ride feel
    The NEO 2T Smart is very responsive and reacts instantly to speed or incline changes. It also features Dynamic inertia which it compensates for weight, speed and angle of inclination to ensure the most realistic and smooth ride feel possible.

    Pedal Stroke Analysis
    The NEO 2 was already equipped with a capacitive left and right detection sensor that accurately measures the exact position of both your legs. By adding standard ANT+ Cycling dynamics, you can now analyse your pedal stroke via the software of third parties; for example on a Garmin Edge bike computer.

    Accurate and Reliable
    The Tacx NEO 2T Smart measures your power with incredible precision, making sure that your data is accurate and reliable. This Smart trainers is the only trainers that doesn’t require calibration process. This Smart trainer measures your power accurately within 1%.

    Powerful climbs and sprints
    The new motor design of the NEO 2T also improves the ride feel during a climb or acceleration. We were able to give the motor of the NEO 2T more power, resulting in the ability to generate higher resistance levels under specific conditions, like in a sprint or at low speeds.

    Compatible with many axles
    The rear axle of the NEO 2T Smart is redesigned in order to make it compatible with more bikes, without the need for adapters. It is directly compatible with all bikes, only for 135×10 and 135×12 you’ll need an additional adapter.

    Road Feel
    Experience the vibrating sensation of riding on cobblestones, gravel and many other road surfaces. This immersive feature is unique to the NEO and can be used with Tacx Films and Zwift.

    Descent Simulation
    At the top of a hill or mountain, there is always that exciting feeling of accelerating into a descent. Exactly that feeling is what this bike trainer gives you. The NEO 2T Smart accelerates in a descent.

    Stable yet Flexible
    The design of the NEO 2 Smart allows a few degrees of movement to the left and right while cycling. Its frame follows the natural course of your body, bringing you a certain freedom of movement that improves the cycling feeling.

    Self powered
    The NEO 2T Smart doesn’t require an external power source as it generates its own energy from your cycling movement. This direct drive trainer can easily be used anywhere you like. When connected to an external power source the Descent simulation feature is enabled.

    Tacx cycling software
    Explore the world with high quality Films and GPS workouts while challenging your friends. Train efficiently with structured training plans and cycling workouts. Analyse your data, export your activity to Strava, and make use of many more features.

    1 Month Free Premium
    All Tacx Smart trainers come with a free month subscription of the Tacx Premium software.

    Your favourite app
    Train with your favourite cycling software like Zwift, TrainerRoad and Sufferfest. The Tacx Smart trainers are easily connected to and controlled by most popular training apps. Race online in the virtual worlds of Zwift, achieve your cycling goals with the training plans of TrainerRoad, or anything else.

    Compatible Software:
    • Tacx
    • Zwift
    • Trainerroad
    • Rouvy
    • Sufferfest
    • Kinomap
    • Fulgaz
    • Bkool
    • Road Grand Tours

    Tacx utility app
    With the Tacx Utility App you can easily upgrade the firmware, test and calibrate your Tacx Smart trainer. Download this app for free from the App store or Google play.

    Bike computers & watches
    Easily connect your Smart trainer to your bike computer or sports watch. Display your workout data on these devices. A selection of bike computers and sports watches are also able to control the resistance of your Smart bike trainer.

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 x T2875 NEO 2T Smart Premium Direct Drive Trainer
    • 1 x Quick release for road bikes and mountain bikes (5mm) with adapters
    • 1 x 1 month Tacx Premium software
    • 1 x Front wheel holder
    Cassette is not included!
    Please note: All Tacx trainers are equipped with the german power plug (220-240 V). However, when using an adapter you are able to use it i.e. in the U.S. (110V).
  • Customer reviews
    The best trainer on the market ! 100% I suggest it ! It’s worth his money! Quality realistic training! If you want to have the best you must buying this trainer
    Beim Wechsel vom Hinterrad auf den Trainer und wieder zurück passen die Gänge nicht exakt und das Schaltwerk muss nach jedem Wechsel nachjustiert werden. Da ich es vorhatte, immer wieder mit demselben Rad zwischen Indoor- und Outdoor-Training zu wechseln, ist dies für mich nicht praktikabel und nicht akzeptabel. Ich konnte es mir leider nicht vorstellen, dass so eine simple Sache bei diesem Produkt für so viel Frust sorgen kann. Der T2875 NEO 2T Smart Direktantriebstrainer mag vielleicht in jder anderen Hinsicht der vortschrittlichste Trainer überhaupt sein, aber der Umbau ist durch die oben beschriebene Sache leider jedes Mal nervtötend.
    Ich verwende den Trainer stromlos auf dem Balkon und steuere ihn mit dem Elemnt ROAM, bzw. fahre damit Intervall Workouts. Der Trainer an sich ist wirklich klasse, leicht aufzubauen und die Verbindungen waren bislang immer stabil und zuverlässig (Bluetooth und ANT+). Abzüge gibt es zum einen für die Behauptung "fast geräuschlos". Da die Magnete diskret auf dem Umfang verteilt sind, sorgen sie für leichte Vibrationen, die sich je nach Untergrund stärker oder schwächer übertragen. In meiner Wohnung mit Parkett empfand ich es als unangenehm und wollte das den Nachbarn darunter nicht zumuten. Wenn man nur die Lautstärke betrachtet ist er wirklich ähnlich leise wie der Antrieb des Rades. Zum anderen bin ich mit der Software von Tacx nicht einverstanden. Die Funktionalitäten variieren zwischen Cloud, PC und iPad. Ich nutzeTE das iPad um FTP-Workouts zu fahren, jedoch hat der Trainer bei ca. 50% der Workouts im ERG-Mode nicht die Leistung geregelt (ich musste dann schalten). Geholfen hat, die Workouts in der Cloud als Kopie unter neuem Namen zu speichern, manchmal hat es dann Funktioniert. Wenn der ERG-Mode eines Workouts funktioniete, dann auch bei jeder Wiederholung und zuverlässig. Deshalb bin ich aber zu dem ROAM gewechselt. Hiermit klappt der ERG-Mode immer. Ich würde ihn wieder kaufen.
    Die bei Tests vielbeschriebenen Probleme mit Bremssätteln bei Disc oder Kollisionen mit dem Schaltwerk am Trainer kann ich mit einem Bulls Grinder 3 nicht bestätigen. Es sind für beide Themen die passenden Adapter im Lieferumfang. Ebenfalls ist der 10x135 Adapter für Schnellspanner dabei. Die Artikelbeschreibung lässt das leider nicht erkennen. Unterm Strich ein super Produkt!
    Wow, macht das Indoor Training revolutionär. Es fühlt sich tatsächlich so an als würde ich draußen fahren. Der Tacx reagiert schnell auf die Veränderung der Steigung und mit den Abfahrtssimulator rauscht man die Berge wieder hinunter. Durch das Road Feeling spürt man die Fahrbahn Veränderung bis in die Pedale. Zudem ist der Trainer sehr leise, dass lauteste sind die Kettengeräusche. Echt super!
    Der NEO 2T Smart macht riesigen Spaß. Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass ich mal 3h am Stück auf so einem Gerät zu Hause aushalte. Aber in Verbindung mit einem Ventilator, der TACX Desktop App und den Filmen geht die Zeit schnell vorbei. Bin jetzt einige Bergtouren gefahren (Sellaronda, Stilfserjoch) und vom Gefühl her kommt der Trainer verdammt nah an die Realität ran. Einfach aufzubauen, einfache Verbindung zum PC und nach dem Training gut verstaubar. Ein wirklich tolles Gerät!
    Hab davor einen normalen Rollentrainer gehabt und wollte jetzt mal was richtig leises, was ich auch mit ner Trainingsapp verbinden kann. Ist kein vergleich zu meinem alten Trainer, man hört fast nix. Hatte nen Vergleich bei DC Rainmaker gesehen und mich dann für den hier entschieden. Bin mehr als zufrieden, krasses Teil!
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