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T2650 Blue Matic
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T2650 Blue Matic
99,- €
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colour: hellblau/silber
Item no.: 10037901
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  • Description

    Tacx T2650 Blue Matic

    The Blue Matic has been part of Tacx´s assortment for many years and is very popular among novice riders looking for a trainer. During your training session you can use the handlebar resistance lever to adjust the resistance as needed.

    Unique Dual Material Roller: the T2650 Blue Matic from Tacx

    The higher the position, the more resistance. The roll that places the resistance on your rear wheel is made from two materials: a hardened steel sleeve with a soft core of elastogel. The steel sleeve prevents wear of the trainer, while the elastogel aborbs vibrations to reduce noise.

    Features - T2650 Blue Matic

    • Softgel roller with stainless steel running surface
    • Folding Blue frame with sturdy front struts
    • Simplified mounting system for quick assembly

    Product features

    • Type of trainer: Basic trainer with magnetic brake
    • Magnets: 2x8 Permanent ferrite magnets
    • Transmission: Roller, 30 mm
    • Electrical requirements: No mains voltage required
    • Power indicator: None
    • Connection indicator (ANT/BT): None
    • Firmware upgradable: No
    • Suitable bikes: Race, Tri & MTB , if necessary with axle skewer , 29ʺ wheel with Tacx trainer tyre
    • Suitable axles: Width of rear fork: Race 130mm, MTB 135mm. Adapters for other widths available
    • Max. power (40 km/h): 700 Watt
    • Max. slope: n.a.
    • Simulation of descent: No
    • Max. torque: 12.2Nm
    • Max. brake force: 36N
    • Flywheel: Actual of 1.25kg
    • Flywheel effect: 8 kg
    • Calibration: n.a.
    • Footprint (lxw): 640×635mm
    • Height: 440mm
    • Wireless communication: None
    • Control: by Handlebar resistance lever with 10 positions
    • Output: n.a.
    • Read out on: n.a.
    • Accuracy: n.a.


    • 8.40kg (manufacturer information)

    Scope of delivery

    • T2650 Blue Matic
    • Quick release

    Tacx Blue Matic (EN)

  • Reviews
    Everything about this stationary trainer is perfect: it's simple, relatively cheap, durable and can be hidden under your bed when the long winter is over. It produces very low level noise in case you use a special tire or a sleek tire. The trainer is pretty heavy, so it doesnn't move every time you press on pedals a bit stronger. Highly recommended!
    Für einfaches GA Training und Intervalle völlig ausreichend und gut. Ein Punkt Abzug wegen dem wackeligen Ganghebel.
    Это мой первый велотренажер. Свой выбор на нём я остановил после консультаций со специалистами и анализа аналогов. Результат превзошел мои ожидания - тренажер очень удобен, лёгок в монтаже и, самое главное, практически бесшумен. Регулировок с головой хватает для имитации всевозможных дорожных условий. Для супер-мегапрофессионалов нагрузка может оказаться недостаточной, но потребности любителей перекрывает более чем полностью. Магазин достойный, отправили оперативно. Дошло в приемлемые сроки.
    Fast shipping. Item as described. Thank you very much!
    Great for simple workouts
    Very nice packing and fast delivery as usual. 20EUR higher price for handelbar switch of power output is must have. You can easy use some of Tacx traning programmes without leaving your bike, what is for me very, very tricky and boring when you are all sweaty. All in all, best value for money. If You want real virtual trainer, with tons of options, computer connectivity etc... you should spend min. 300 EUR more for another Tacx. But, why don't spend that on groupset upgrade of your own bike ?
    Mein erster Rollentrainer und ich bin sehr zu frieden. Der Aufbau war einfach. Der Schalter für die 10 Stufen funktioniert sehr gut und lässt sich auch problemlos am Sitzrohr befestigen.
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