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T2020 VR-Trainer i-GENIUS
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T2020 VR-Trainer i-GENIUS
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Item no.: 10034637
  • Description

    Tacx T2020 VR-Trainer i-GENIUS

    The Genius has the same features as the Genius Multiplayer. It includes the Skyliner front wheel support, but comes without Multiplayer license.
    These item can be bought separately. The Genius also makes a perfect combination with the BlackTrack steering frame, which makes cycling in the VR world even more adventurous. Another innovative accessory is the ANT Cadence sensor. This measures the cadence and shows you through the software whether or not you are using equal force left and right during cycling.

    Motor brake (wireless)

    The powerful motor brake in the trainer simulates a realistic gradient that varies between -20% and +20%. On a downhill run the trainer will actually drive the rear wheel. On steep climbs and/or at high speeds, the trainer is capable of generating over 1,000 watts.

    The motor brake of the Genius and the Fortius features the Powerback system. This system converts the heat that is generated in the brake and released during the ride, into electricity that is then fed back into the power grid. This means that you are generating your own electricity. When you ride on the Genius, your PC shows the exact amount of energy that is fed back into the power grid.

    Tacx Trainer software 4.0 Advanced

    The Tacx Trainer software 4.0 is unique. With this ultra modern software you enter virtual worlds which are even more real than real while riding on your Tacx trainer. You can’t tell the world on your screen apart anymore from the real world. Once you have been overwhelmed, you never want to go back.

    In the Tacx Trainer software 4.0 the VR terrains, the VR riders, the bicycles and the outfits are completely redesigned. With an eye for the smallest details. You can see the spokes blinking in your wheel and when it’s dark, the shadows glide with the riders under the lantern light alongside the road.

    Atmospheric surroundings

    The new VR riders are sharper and more detailed than ever and the new VR terrains each have their own typical atmosphere. Cycle through Italy and let yourself glide through the buzzing silence of the countryside, past a deserted water mill and an antique church. Conquer a winding rocky road. Enjoy the sunset over the sloping olive groves.

    Or lose yourself in the rough American nature, past pine trees and log cabins. And ride a criterium race through the broad streets of an exciting metropolis. The possibilities are unlimited.

    Never before has cycling through the virtual worlds been so realistic – and never so addictive.

    Due to a decision by Google, Tacx is no longer allowed to offer the Google Earth application as a free feature. From September 2012 on, a Google license needs to be purchased to keep access to Google Earth in the Tacx Trainer software. The Google license costs 30 euro for one year and is available in the shop and through the Tacx online shop. The article number is T1990.75.

    New terrains The Tacx Trainer software 4 outshines because of the beautifully designed, completely new VR terrains: Montagna (mountainous terrain in Italy), Valeggio (sloping terrain in Italy plus criterium race in an Italian village), Downhill Valley (overwhelming nature experience in America) and US Metropolitan (criterium race in an American city).

    Virtual riders Never before have the virtual riders looked this good, sharp and lifelike as in the Tacx Trainer software 4. The riders, the men as well as the women, are now shaped even better and the movements they make, are more realistic than they have ever been. This way the virtual Tacx riders completely meet the requirements of this modern age.

    Weather settings You can also adjust the weather settings yourself: clear, cloudy, mist, rain or dynamic. Dynamic means that the weather will constantly change when you are riding. You can also set the wind force and wind direction before you start. When you are riding behind a rider, or a group of riders, you can benefit from being sheltered from the wind.

    (Start) menus On the left you can now find all shortcuts and at the top the extensive functions. This gives you a better overview, is easier to use and you can start faster. The view during cycling has been improved too: all relevant training information can now be displayed in one screen.

    Outfits and bicycles You can choose from the most modern bicycles in three categories: race, MTB and track. These are redesigned and now much more detailed. The colour of the bicycles and the available Tacx shirts can also be adjusted. Even skin and hair colour can be changed yourself.

    The Tacx Trainer software works on system that meet the minimum requirements, but it is possible that not all functions can be used in the highest possible quality. Under high loads the software will be functioning less fluently than is the case for more powerful systems. Also make sure that there are no other applications running in the back ground when you are using the Tacx Trainer software.

    Recommended system requirements:
    Processor P4, Double core 2.5 Ghz (minimum P4 Single coer 3.0 Ghz), Memory 4GB DDRIII, Free disk space, 2 GB, Graphics card Direct X9 compatible 3D card with 1 GB of memory. Brand: ATI or Nvidia, Resolution minimum 1280 x 720, Sound card DirectSound compatible, Various 1 free USB port, DVD player, Operating System Vista SP2 (64-bit) or Windows 7 (64-bit).

    The Tacx Trainer software 4.0 is not available for Windows XP & i-Magic T1902 interface!

    Scope of delivery:

    • foldable trainer with a motor brake
    • quick release skewer
    • Genius controller
    • Skyliner front wheel support
    • Tacx Trainer-Software 4.0
    • Without heart rate transmitter!
    Model year: 2013
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    Tacx T2020 i-Genius Clips

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    günstiger und schneller geht es nicht... Super Gerät, super Support und dicke Beine im Winter...
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