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T1100 Galaxia freestanding rollers
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T1100 Galaxia freestanding rollers
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colour: light blue/black
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  • Description

    Tacx T1100 Galaxia freestanding rollers

    The Galaxia from Tacx is an advanced roller. Thanks to its patented swing system, the forward and backward acceleration can be fully absorbed, ensuring that you do not ride off the rollers.

    Train your coordination and technique with the roller trainer Galaxia from Tacx

    You can move freely on the roller because the Tacx Galaxia almost perfectly reproduces the natural riding experience on the road. Thanks to the heavy conical rollers you ride much safer and more stable. So you can concentrate even better on your training goals and improve your condition, your round step as well as your speed.

    Riding on the rollers requires a good level of concentration and coordination. If you feel unsafe on the rollers, you can attach the fork with the Bike support for rollers firmly to the roller – so you are still sitting relatively free on the bike, but have the extra portion of safety for a carefree workout.

    Product features - Galaxia

    • Type of trainer: Roller
    • Roll diameter: 100-110mm (3.93-4.33in)
    • Suitable bikes: All bikes with wheel diameter of 26″ to 29″


    • Max. footprint: 1350 x 500 mm (53 x 19.7 in)
    • Height: 135 mm (5.31 in)
    • Dimensions when folded: 800 × 500 × 135 mm (31.5 × 19.7 × 5.31 in)


    • 8.2 kg (manufacturer information)


    Patented Swing System
    The Galaxia relies on a swing system that ensures that the rollers can swing forwards and backwards. When you start to sprint, switch pace fast or stand on the pedals, this system absorbs the sudden forward or backward movement so that you do not derail.

    Conical Rollers
    The Tacx rollers have conical rollers which ensure that your bike always remains in the middle of the roller while you are riding. This makes riding on the rollers easier and safer.

    The Tacx rollers are retractable to 80cm.

    Scope of delivery

    • T1100 Galaxia

    Tacx Galaxia

  • Customer reviews
    Fun! Fun! Fun! Training total :-)
    Dieses Produkt hält tatsächlich was die Beschreibung verspricht. Hätte ich nicht gedacht. Ich bin 34 Jahre das Vorgängermodel gefahren, was auch OK war. Aber diese neue Rolle von Tacx ist wirklich um Klassen besser. Leiser und durch die konischen Rollen auch leichter zu fahren. Ich hätte es nicht für möglich gehalten, aber man kann (mit ein wenig Übung) tatsächlich mit dem Rennrad im Wiegetritt auf der Rolle fahren und somit ein wenig die Sitzflächen entlasten. Die horizontalen Kräfte werden durch die horiziontale Bewegungsfreiheit des Systems wunderbar abgefangen, so dass auch die Belastung im Sitzbereich wesentlich geringer ist. Sehr, sehr schön. Absolut empfehlenswert.
    A must have IF you want to train with a MUCH MORE road like experience to REALLY improve your balance, finesse & agility on two wheels. That is where the rollers take you - compared to the trainer that you are attached to that holds you up - and you just hammer down and be the masher on. Each trainer has it's advantages, but you have to concentrate and pay attention while riding the rollers. So for most people it is more of a feeling that you are really "riding the bicycle" then "just working out". This is where the T1100 shines. The Tacx swinging design is just simply superior. If you want to learn how to stand up and work out with gusto, well then go for it! You want to work on your cadence & circular petal stroke while noting your balance - have at it! You WILL dig it! ALSO the concave rollers REALLY HELP TO KEEP YOU CENTERED - AND - will give you a MUCH greater confidence of not running off the rollers and becoming just like a released arrow - especially when you are in the learning stage. So in closing I MUST say, here from the USA, that Bike-Discount does have THE BEST PRICES THAT I HAVE FOUND - PERIOD!!!
    Ottimo prodotto, spedizione celere e imballaggio sicuro. ordinato Martedì mattina, già arrivato Venerdì mattina
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