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DVD - Real Life Video - Grossglockner
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DVD - Real Life Video - Grossglockner
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    Tacx DVD - Real Life Video - Grossglockner

    training in a different dimensionThere are now more than twenty films of legendary stages and cycling classics specifically for the Tacx Virtual Reality trainers When the films are linked to your Trainer your cycling speed impacts the speed of the film. If you are riding up a mountain in the film you will experience so much resistance from the brake that the incline is actually tangible. Starting this year the Real Life Videos are also available in wide screen, meaning that, with the help of your Virtual Reality steering frame, you can explore the course even more. You can veer left or right. This makes the experience of riding in the film even more dynamic.
    The Grossglockner is one of the most famous mountain passes in the world. The road across the pass was constructed in the thirties, especially to grant the Austrians better access to the wonderful mountainous landscapes and glaciers. The ride starts off with a short descent through a small town by the name of Heiligenblut. The road then meanders through a pine forest and an open peat moor followed by the extremely rugged mountainscape. The Grossglockner, a real challenge at the highest level.
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