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DVD - Ergo Video - Training with Rabobank - Spain
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DVD - Ergo Video - Training with Rabobank - Spain
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Item no.: ZU00000420
  • Description

    Tacx DVD - Ergo Video - Training with Rabobank - Spain

    ErgoVideo stands for power training with the pros. If you have ever trained in a group you will have experienced the extra power required to follow the wheels of faster riders. ErgoVideo is the closest simulation a rider can get to this type of riding. ErgoVideos offer an efficient way to improve your fitness and cycling technique in a relatively short time. Identify with talented racing cyclists and experience a training session as a participant in the middle of the group. Measure yourself against the professionals and experience a ride as at was on the day the film was made. When they put on a burst of speed, you will have to accelerate with them, if they take a rest, so will you. Training like this enables you do it exactly like the world’s best athletes do.

    Watch out! This film is suited for Tacx Trainer software users only, not for the Tacx Fortius software.

    Intensity  Average
    Category  Training with the pros
    Type  Ergo Video
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