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Microlink for SLS or XXS
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Microlink for SLS or XXS
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Item no.: YY00008623
  • Description

    Syntace Microlink for SLS or XXS

    The ingenious link. New, triangular profile create outstanding ergonomics and the best aerodynamics. The threepart modular design (pat. pend.) is suitable for Syntace SLS, XXS and C3 aero bars.

    Joystick option

    The Syntace Microlink allows the integrated assembly of the control elements directly into the link. Perfectly compatible with SHIMANO control and break levers as well as others.

    Length runs...

    That applies to the aerodynamic riding position as well. The ITU/DTU rules are limit the length of the aero bar in all slip stream legal races. The Syntace Microlink doesn't give away any millimetre of this valuable handlebar length by means of its perfectly curved front. And due to the "hand in hand" handlebar holding trick it affords the best possible utilization of the rule conforming handlebar length.

    Super light

    In comparison to the previous link we were able to economize 35% of the weight because of the minimalist form and the super compact SupergripTM clamp mechanism.

    It fits like a tailor-made glove:

    In addition to the soft, rubber elastic finger overlay the Syntace Microlink provides you an outline, which is perfectly adapted to theh palm of your hand, no matter what grip position you adopt.

    Two width: choose the one, which is perfectly suiting your hands' size and position.
    36 mm suitable for SLS or XXS aero bars and
    46 mm suitable for SLS, XXS and C3 aero bars.

    Weight: 29 grams (36 mm); 32 grams (46 mm)

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