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Megaforce 2 OS 31.8 Stem 6° black
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Syntace Megaforce 2 OS 31.8 Stem 6° black buy online Picture 1
Syntace Megaforce 2 OS 31.8 Stem 6° black buy online Picture 2
Megaforce 2 OS 31.8 Stem 6° black
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Item no.: 10007683
  • Description

    Syntace Megaforce 2 OS 31.8 Stem 6° black

    Cross-sectional profile Setting new standards. The Megaforce2 design was optimized from ground up, to give exceptional torsional stiffness combined with minimal weight when used in combination with wide and super wide 31.8 mtb bars and with the new tapered (E2) steerer tubes with 1 1/8th stem interface diameter.

    The result Similar torsional stiffness values as our large volume Force 1.5, but at the same time less weight than our already light weight Superforce - 132g at 70mm stem length. Low profile for a minimum built height above the headset, and the first of its kind to be greater in width than profile height, dimensions being 36 x 42 mm.

    Precision and comfort Noticeably preciser steering control with super wide bars. Reduction of “swaying tendancy” (out-of-phase) while retaining the dampened vertical compliance (in-phase) at the bar ends. The new combination of extreme proportioned cross sectional stem body, while possessing a tangential transition of the 1 1/8th fork interface clamp allows a deeper recessing of the stem clamping bolts facing the knees than previously possible.

    Perfect for everyone Superfit sizing system with 6° (with FlipFlop design) stem angle - ideal for the current frame’s reduced steerer tube lengths geometries. Six fine tuning lengths from 30 mm to 80 mm in 10 mm (!) intervals.

    VR-3 “The Red Monster” tested The worldwide toughest testing machine for bars and stems. Tested with bars up to 800 mm width and approved with no restrictions (rider weight or usage). Tuned with Ti bolts, own form fitting Megaforce-Litecap as well as further “plug and play” tuning components, which are still in preparation.

    Lengths & Weights (stem):

    • 30 mm: 107 g
    • 40 mm: 116 g
    • 50 mm: 122 g
    • 60 mm: 127 g
    • 70 mm: 132 g
    • 80 mm: 137 g

    Steerer Ø: 28.6 mm (1 1/8")

    Steerer Height: 36 mm

    Minimum Insert (steerer): 30 mm

    Handlebar Clamp Ø: 31.8 mm

    Angle: 6° FlipFlop

    Color: Raceblack

    Delivery: Megaforce 2 stem, titan screws, Litecap (w/o screw)

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    Für mich DER Vorbau sowohl am MTB als auch am CX. Leicht. Steif. Schön.
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