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Stan's NoTubes
Tire Sealant
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Stan's NoTubes
Tire Sealant
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  • Description

    Stan's NoTubes Tire Sealant

    The solution tire sealant from NoTubes prevents annoying breakdowns and reliably seals tubeless tires.
    It can be used with tubular tires and with hoses and seals holes with a size of up to 0.6mm!

    Features - Tire Sealant

    • The finest crystals allow a hole of up to 6mm to be immediately and permanently sealed
    • 2 oz (59ml) Measuring cup for a bicycle tire
    • Durability of the sealant in the tire is 2-7 months
    • Effect of the sealant at up to -30°C
    • Natural materials, safe for the environment

    Content (choose variant)

    • 59 ml
    • 473 ml
    • 946 ml

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 x The Solution Tire Sealant Sealant

    Stan's Tire Sealant Install - Stan's NOTUBES

    How to: Tubeless-Montage von MTB-Reifen

  • Review

    Kevin reviews … Stan's NoTubes Arch MK3 wheelset & Race Sealant

    Tubeless – a topic dividing all mountain bikers! But that's understandable. Positive driving characteristics are often overshadowed by possible problems with mounting and changing, the mess tire sealant could make is feared. In addition, many people say that without a compressor the tire would simply not sit properly on the rim. Many mountain bikers still have that mindset (except for Kevin's bike colleagues). So while they‘re still afraid of fitting tires in combination with tire sealant, tubeless installation has become easier and easier. This calls for a test, of course! We‘ve already taken a closer look at the topic of tubeless and tire sealant elsewhere with Bungi (unfortunately not in english). Therefore we can now go one step further and check out a complete tubeless system – so we simply tested the complete wheelset!

    At first glance

    Is Stan tubeless simply the better choice? After all, we‘re not dealing with just anyone here, but with Stan the Man and his company. The tubeless pioneers of Stan’s NoTubes have brought the 3rd evolutionary stage of their proven tubeless classics onto the market – the MK3 wheelsets. And they have definitely done a convincing job! The MK3 series is wider, lighter and stiffer than its predecessors and features the patented rim hook design "BST" (Bead Socket Technology) – a clear step forward in the evolution of tubeless rims.

    It‘s obvious that it can only be advantageous if the entire tubeless system comes from the same company – all the way to the tire sealant. It pays off at Stan's NoTubes – for both, Stan and the driver! Installation has never been easier, the entire system is fully developed. The Arch wheelset combines low weight with maximum stability, is robust and runs really well.

    Stan’s NoTubes Arch MK3 Trail and Race Sealant

    Stan's NoTubes: Tubeless made all from one hand

    The MK3 wheelsets offer something for everyone – the keyword is "Wideright"! Stan the Man recommends selecting the wheelset according to your preferred tire width. For fast XC riders, tires between 2.0" - 2.25" in tire width are best. That would be the Crest MK3 wheels, with 1528 g in 27.5" or a little more weight of 1592 g with the larger 29" diameter.
    For All Mountain riders – with a penchant for trail and enduro action – Stan's NoTubes has designed the Arch MK3 with tire widths from 2.25" to 2.5". These versions offers the perfect balance between stability and weight (27.5": 1697 g - 29": 1770 g). The Flow MK3 (2.35" - 2.5" tire width) is recommended for Downhill and Enduro use.

    On the topic of hubs

    All wheelsets are equipped with Stan's Neo hubs: The basis of these high-quality components are CNC-milled hub bodies. 6 pawls bring full power to the wheel, the freewheel can be easily replaced. If you want to purchase these high-tech wheels, you can choose between a Shimano freewheel or a xD driver (SRAM), of course. The hub boasts triple industrial bearings and high quality workmanship, which makes it durable and robust. Another advantage: A tool-free service is possible, since no screwed parts are installed.

    The Arch MK3 tested – Kevin's impressions

    "I decided to test the Arch MK3 in 27.5" because I like to ride heavy and long trail tours, which can be a bit more aggressive. But the low weight of only 1770 g for the wheelset also played a role."

    Stan’s NoTubes Arch MK3 Trail Laufrad
    Advanced rim base: The tubeless tire fits perfectly thanks to BST technology.

    "The Arch MK3 kit comes with two tubeless valves and pre-taped rims. What struck me immediately was the BST technology! Rims equipped with BST are 2 - 4 mm shorter in rim height than conventional models. The flatter sidewalls allow the tire to take on its actual shape and size more easily. Moreover, this construction doesn‘t have rim hooks, which saves weight. In addition, the inner rim width is simply larger, which in turn improves the stability of the tire.

    The mounting was surprisingly easy: Rim tape is already inside, so all you have to do is push the valves through the valve hole, fit the tubeless tire and – attention! – leave a small gap for the sealing liquid on one side of the rim bed. For a 27.5" MTB tire, Stan recommends filling in approximately 70 - 90 ml of sealant fluid. Now it's about pumping and setting the tire!"

    Stan’s NoTubes Race Sealant
    The Race Sealant should not be filled through the valve, but be „poured“ into the unmounted tires!

    "Many now use a compressor to expose the tire to a powerful blast of air so that it can sit properly and no further air can escape. But I did it with a large-volume MTB floor pump (JoeBlow Mountain). Just pump it up properly once and the tire "plops" onto the rim. Then lift up the whell and swivel it back and forth, turn it, so that the sealing liquid is well distributed and everything is sealed airtight. The tire just "jumps" onto the rim easily – at this point you get a clue of 'made from one hand'!.

    I tried Maxxis and Schwalbe tubeless tires (usually called ‘Tubless Ready‘): In both cases there were no problems with the assembly, both reliably fitted into the tubeless system. I think a large floor pump is the minimum requirement, any less and it would get difficult. Some manufacturers now offer special tubeless pumps (e.g. Topeak's JoeBlow Booster & Chamber Tubeless from Blackburn), which have an air cylinder in which pressure can be built up in order to be able to pump a lot of volume into the tires at once. But other solutions are also available: Tire specialist Schwalbe, for example, offers an interesting little helper with the Tire Booster".

    It‘s all about the sealant fluid

    "I had two options: Stan's Tire Sealant and the Race Sealeant. The latter has twice as many latex sealing particles and also has so-called ‘XL particles‘ which ensure a better sealing result. They reliably seal even larger holes and cracks in the tire, which is exactly the right thing for ambitious racers and touring riders. The XL particles are also clearly visible in the Sealant.

    Unfortunately, however, this also has disadvantages: The thicker sealant cannot be filled through the valve, as the sealing particles could clog it. Besides, it doesn't stay liquid as long as the Tire Sealant. Stan's NoTubes recommends to fill the Race Sealant directly into the tire during tire fitting. In my opinion this is not a big problem, as pulling the tires onto Stan's Arch rims without a compressor is no problem at all.

    But of course, durability is also an issue. The Race Sealant is said to work for 2 to 4 months. However, the Race Sealant in my tires is still not clumped after 5 months of testing and still seals very well. So it works for longer than specified by the manufacturer. What more could you ask for?

    The Race Sealant is much more effective for larger holes than the standard tire sealant, but is also a little more expensive! So the race version is more for the ambitious racer or touring rider who can't afford a flat tire during the race".

    A well-rounded experience

    "With the Arch version, Stan's NoTubes presents a sophisticated tubeless wheelset that offers the perfect blend of low weight and great stability. They are a great choice for my described purpose: good riding characteristics on the trail, light enough for uphill, high robustness. I can't see any change in the spokes even after many kilometres, the spoke tension is good. This is proof of the entire systems great performance.

    We have already discussed the advantages of tubeless driving: the possibility of less air pressure, i.e. more grip and traction, less susceptability to breakdowns. Tubeless‘ teething troubles have been eliminated and assembly is easier than ever before. The sealant is great as well, it lasts longer than even Stan claims. My fear of flat tires has completely disappeared and I no longer have a replacement tube with me on smaller tours. I wouldn't want to miss this driving comfort which is only possible with tubeless."

    Product management

  • Customer reviews
    I've been using it for a few years and I haven't done any puncture. Simply the best!
    Probably the best tubeless solution, definitely better than Muc-off.
    Soddisfatto, prodotto di qualità e servizio perfetto. Raccomandato!
    Klasse Preis/Leistung nur sehr selten "schwitzen" einzelne Schwalbe Reifen. Bei Maxxis und Specialized Reifen seid ca 2 Jahren keine Probleme.
    Better is only the race option.
    Best sealant I have ever used!
    Mega-Fast delivery in the middle of a pandemic situation! Thumbs up to the Bike Discount Team!!! Thanks for your work guys!!!! Great and reliable product!
    Das Dichtmittel ist super. Leider suggeriert die kleine weiße abgebildete Einfüllflasche, dass diese im Lieferumfang enthalten ist.
    Seit einem Jahr jetzt in Verwendung und bisher wurde ich nicht enttäuscht. Brombeerstacheln wurden zuverlässig abgedichtet.
    Funktioniert einwandfrei und dichtet auch Reifen, die ich mit Doc Blue von Schwalbe nicht dicht gekriegt hatte. Auch wenn es heißt, Schwalbe sei das gleiche, ich finde dieses hier besser.
    Two MTB trips in a row on worn down tyres, two small punktures .... I just had to re-inflate and we were rolling again. Thank you STANS you saved my day. Great product.
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