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Red AXS Compact DUB Powermeter Crank 48-35T
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Red AXS Compact DUB Powermeter Crank 48-35T
from 778,86 €808,10 €
RRP* 1.169,75 €
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from 778,86 €808,10 €
RRP* 1.169,75 €
You save 31%
incl. 16% VAT, plus 0,- € shipping costs
from 778,86 €778,86 €
RRP* 1.169,75 €
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incl. 16% VAT, plus 0,- € shipping costs
colour: carbon/black
colour: carbon/black
colour: carbon/black
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Available at 23.08.2020
Available at 07.08.2020
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  • Description

    SRAM Red AXS Compact DUB Powermeter Crank 48-35T

    The SRAM RED AXS™ power meter breaks with tradition — and breaks through to new levels of performance. Sram reengineered road gearing: reducing front chainring size and adding more range to the rear cassette.

    Intuitive, high-performance Powermeter: the Red AXS Compact DUB Powermeter Crank from SRAM

    Sram also maintained a 13-tooth delta on all chainring pairs, ensuring precise shifting for any setup. This results in more useful gearing and better shifting across all configurations. The power meters are also designed with Quarq’s premier DZero™ power measurement technology fully integrated into the crankset. Welcome to the pinnacle of the power meter.

    Features - Red AXS Compact DUB Powermeter Crank 48-35T

    • X-Range™ gearing technology gives you more range and a smoother gear progression, so you’re always in the right gear
    • Integrated power measurement
    • Power meter is fully integrated into the chainring set for lighter weight
    • Power readings are accurate within +/-1.5% and aren’t affected by climate conditions during a ride
    • Power balance measures left and right legs separately
    • Improved front shifting performance for crisp and accurate front shifts
    • Unique chainring shape results in a lighter weight, stiffer, more durable crankset
    • Integrated chainring design significantly reduces weight
    • DUB™ bottom bracket adds durability, simplicity and broad compatibility

    Product features

    • Use: Road, Triathlon
    • Crank Arms: RED
    • Model: AXS
    • Mounting: Direct Mount
    • Gears: 48/35 teeth
    • Bottom bracket: DUB
    • Gear front: 2-speed
    • Gear rear: 12-speed
    • Chain line: 45mm
    • Accuracy: +/- 1.5%
    • Data Transfer: ANT+ and BLE

    Crank Arm Length (choose variant)

    • 170mm
    • 172.5mm
    • 175mm


    • Crank arms: Carbon
    • Powermeter: Aluminum
    • Chainring: Aluminium


    • black


    • approx. 595g (manufacturer information)

    Scope of delivery

    • Red AXS Compact DUB Powermeter Crank 48-35T
    DUB Road Bottom Bracket is not included!


    Racers and their drivers are faster and more efficient than ever before. But the translation of our cars has not kept pace with this change. It has been limited by tradition. With the sole aim of improving the modern riding experience on the road, Sram has completely redesigned the road bike ratio. The new Deep Range technology. Not only does it offer more translation bandwidth, but this bandwidth is also better. It has “depth“: A smoother, more useful gear graduation. Intelligent shift settings, made possible by AXS™, bring the simplicity of a 1-speed drive to 2 speeds. So you always have the right gear and the translation is not in your way. Drive faster, more efficiently and more comfortably with Deep Range technology.

    The unit consisting of crankshaft and bottom bracket is the core of the DUB technology. Here stiffness meets durability. Sram is has gone a bit further and made everything even simpler and I've done my job better. It is decisively the system approach through the integration of chainring, crank, shaft and bottom bracket, which means better drive performance.

    The new Hollow Carbon Construction starts in the crank arm and extends into the cranks’ spider. It maximizes the stiffness to weight ratio.

    SRAM X-SYNC™ chain rings provide the highest level of performance and durability. The SRAM X-SYNC™ tall square teeth edges engage the chain earlier than traditional triangle shaped teeth. The sharp and narrow tooth profile, as well as rounded chamfer edges, help manage a deflected chain. To provide the best possible performance in muddy conditions, the X-SYNC™ chain rings have been designed with mud-clearing recesses for the inner chain links and rollers. Engineered in Germany, X-SYNC™ rings are an integral part of the SRAM 1x™ drivetrain.


    The Quarq platform for powermeters, DZero, is certified according to the DZero experiment, one of the most accurate and innovative Projects of science to study subatomic particles moving at the speed of light. With a new measuring circuit, a revised DMSDesign, improved accuracy throughout the entire Pedal rotation and software progress represented DZero represents the state of the art in power measurement technology.

    SRAM eTap AXS Overview

    Simply Beyond: SRAM eTap AXS

    X-Range: SRAM eTap AXS

    SRAM Red eTap AXS™ Review

    Guido testet

    Lots of small components steps, one big step for road bikes ... SRAM presents the RED eTap AXS™! With a revolution regarding the company‘s most powerful road bike group, SRAM once again breaks with a few principles and initiates a fundamental innovation in road cycling! After the introduction and establishment of the electric shifter group RED eTap for rim brakes and disc brakes, SRAM now launches its latest coup. Read more...

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