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Ultegra SL-R780 Flat Bar Shifter 2x10-speed silver
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Ultegra SL-R780 Flat Bar Shifter 2x10-speed silver
79.75 €
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colour: silber
Item no.: 10016137
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  • Description

    Shimano Ultegra SL-R780 Flat Bar Shifter 2x10-speed silver 2x10-speed

    Rapid Fire Plus Shifter set SL-R780 to 2x10-speed circuits. Especially for fitness bikes with flat / straight handlebars.


    • 2x10-speed shifter
    • Multi-Release Up to 2 shifts with release lever
    • Instant Release Quick and accurate shifts
    • 2-Way Release Shift lever release options
    • Compatible with normal Road Front Derailleur

    Product features

    • Use: Road/Fitness
    • Model: SL-R780
    • Shifter Type: Rapidfire Plus
    • Mounting: Clamp
    • Gear front: 2-speed
    • Gear rear: 10-speed
    • Optical Gear Display: Yes (removable) - Base Cap for withhout Optical Gear Display not included!
    • Instant Release: Yes
    • Multi Release: Yes (rear)
    • 2-Way Release: Yes
    • Cable adjust: Yes


    • Aluminum / GFRP / Steel


    • silver


    • approx 270g (pair)

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 pair Ultegra 2x10-fach SL-R780 Flat Bar Shifter silver
    • 2 Gear wires
    • 2 Gear cables SIS OT-SP41 black
    • End caps


    Instant Release
    INSTANT RELEASE shifting replaces the two-stage click and release shifting you are familiar with. INSTANT RELEASE shifting releases cable as soon the lever is activated, resulting in the quickest possible gear changes. Whether it is an upshift with a Top Normal rear derailleur or a downshift with low normal rear derailleur a quicker shift is always a better shift.

    Multi Release
    Previous shifting systems shifted faster in one direction than the other. Choosing Top Normal or low normal always meant sacrificing shifting speed in one direction. Now with MULTI RELEASE you can release shift two gears in one stroke. The result - the fastest possible shifting in both directions regardless of rear derailleur choice.

    2-Way Release
    The RAPIDFIRE Plus shifter release lever is commonly called a trigger because it is operated like a pistol, by pulling toward the grip. The release lever of RAPIDFIRE Plus shifters from ALIVIO to XTR can be operated in this same manner but adds the ability to activate a release shift by pushing with the thumb.

    Rapidfire Plus
    Mountain bikers have used RAPIDFIRE Plus since 1985. RAPIDFIRE Plus is still a winning choice from a wide range of riders from XC racers to freeriders. RAPIDFIRE Plus is suited to quick shifting, giving riders the ability to downshift three gears in one stroke. RAPIDFIRE Plus shifters from DEORE to XTR all feature 2-WAY RELEASE, which means release shifts by pull of the index finger or push of the thumb.

    Optical Gear Display
    The Optical Gear Display tells you which gear position is selected while riding your bike. You can see how many gears you can select either on the low side or top side, which makes shifting control easier.
    UPC: 689228718746
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