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Chain Wear Indicator TL-CN42
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Chain Wear Indicator TL-CN42
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  • Description

    Shimano Chain Wear Indicator TL-CN42

    Chain Wear Indicator to avoid problems due to too worn-out chains.


    • High precision laser cut construction
    • Unique 3-pin structure allows accurate measurement
    • Heat treated stainless steel


    • Check the wear of chains accurately, easily and quickly
    Remark: A worn chain looses the original shifting performance and wears sprockets and chainrings faster!

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 x Shimano Chain Wear Indicator TL-CN42

    The gear that’s just as important as components: professional tools

    Bikes are subjected to a wide variety different conditions so a high-level of maintenance is required to get the best performance out of each component. Moreover, high precision, usability and a unified design are very important elements for maintenance tools. That’s why we at SHIMANO are determined to continue creating high-performance maintenance tools. We will do everything possible to develop professional tools not just for SHIMANO products, but also for the maintenance of bikes in general. SHIMANO tools have an engineered shape to perfectly fit SHIMANO components. The serration dimension of the tools is designed to match the component shape including allowance.
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