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Marathon Winter Plus 20x1.60" Spike-Wire Tire
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Marathon Winter Plus 20x1.60" Spike-Wire Tire
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colour: black - reflex
size: 20 x 1.60" / 406 x 42 mm
Item no.: 20063075
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  • Description

    Schwalbe Marathon Winter Plus 20x1.60" Spike-Wire Tire

    You have full control on icy roads with the Schwalbe Marathon Winter Plus. Even in tight bends and under violent braking everything remains under control, thanks to special Winter compound, lamella tread and up to 240 spikes. For best possible puncture protection it comes with a SmartGuard layer.

    Things you should know about spiked tires

    • Can you ride with spikes also on normal roads?
      No problem at all. If, however, snow is rather seldom and the roads are mainly free, the running noises will soon become irritating.
    • And you don’t slip away?
      No. The spikes dig themselves very well into normal asphalt roads. Even fast curves are unproblematic.
    • Are spikes forbidden?
      On bicycle tires spikes are no problem. In some countries, spikes are forbidden only for automotive vehicles, as they damage the roads. However, speed e-bikes are considered as automotive vehicles.
    • Is it necessary to run in tires?
      To ensure the durable hold of the spikes, the tires should be run in approx. 40 km on asphalt roads. Avoid forceful acceleration and braking during this period of time.
    • How long is the service life of spikes?
      All Schwalbe spikes have a core made of extremely wear resistant carbide (tungsten carbide). With these spikes you can ride a few thousand kilometers. The fact that the corners are rounded by grinding and the spikes are pressed deeper into the material is normal.
    • Individual spikes got lost. Can they be replaced?
      Yes, replacement spike kits incl. tools can be ordered from Schwalbe.
    • When do tires reach their limits?
      In deep snow even tires with spikes are no longer a help
    • In my region, snow is seldom. How can I make good use of tires with spikes?
      The best option is to fit the tires on a second bicycle. In the morning you decide which bicycle is suitable for the respective weather. On icy roads it is a great feeling to have full control on tires with spikes, even when the cars drive very slowly.

    Product features - Marathon Winter Plus

    • Size: 20 x 1.60 Zoll
    • ETRTO: 42-406
    • Typ: Wired
    • Compound: Winter
    • Execution: SmartGuard
    • Spikes: 168
    • Skin: Twin
    • Pressure: 2.00 - 5.00 Bar (30 - 70 psi)
    • Maximum load: 70 kg
    • EPI: 67
    • Profil: HS396
    • Tube: 7, 7C


    • Black-Reflex


    • 675g (manufacturer information)

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 Schwalbe Marathon Winter Plus 20x1.60" Spike-Wire Tire


    Most effective protective belt for bicycle and e-bike tyres. 5 mm highly elastic special rubber. Only tyres with SmartGuard® and Smart DualGuard are allowed to call themselves "unplatable". Exclusively only from Schwalbe. Partly obtained from recycling.

    Tyres with dynamo ribbing on the side wall. Specially designed for use with classic side-running dynamos.

    Spike Tires

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