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Marathon 28" 47-622 Reflex Green Guard
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Marathon 28" 47-622 Reflex Green Guard
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  • Description

    Schwalbe Marathon 28" 47-622 Reflex Green Guard

    The archetypal high quality touring tire. Now completely revised. GreenGuard. The highly elastic, India rubber layer is 3 mm thick. Other manufacturers call such a tire "Plus". However, Green is not just the colour, but also the philosophy: One third of the GreenGuard is made up of recycled latex products.

    Product features - Marathon 28" 47-622 Reflex Green Guard

    • Version: Performance Line
    • Type: Wired
    • Profile: HS 420
    • Compound: Endurance
    • EPI: 67
    • Maximum load: 115 kg
    • Size (ETRTO): 28" x 1.75 "(47-622)
    • Pressure: 3.0 - 5.0 bar (PSI 45 - 70)
    • Puncture protection: Greenguard


    • black


    • 985 g

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 Marathon 28" 47-622 Reflex Green Guard

    What should you look out for with faster E-bikes?
    Special tires are necessary for fast E-bikes. The best solution is tires with ECE-R75 certification, valid throughout Europe.

    All our Energizer tires bear the mark and are valid on vehicles up to 50 km/h.


    • The completely new sidewall construction can withstand for much longer the typical cracking resulting from overloading due to insufficient inflation pressure. Also the new Endurance Compound substantially increases durability.

    E-Bike Ready

    • The new Marathon has been designed for use on all types of E-bikes. The following sizes bear the ECE75 mark, suitable for use on faster, up to 50 kph, E-bikes: 47-406, 47-559, 37-622, 40-622, 47-622.
  • Customer reviews
    Sehr gute Straßen- und Cityreifen! Habe ihn schon ewig auf meinem Trekkingrad und nie Probleme gehabt. Pannenschutz also top!
    I review the tire, not the bike-discount.de service, which is wonderful. The good: Rolling resistance is low, the bike rolls very easy, you can feel this most noticeably in high speeds The tire is comparatively heavy but the weight has its benefits on my bike. My bike has quite sensitive steering due to the rake. Sensitive steering is useful in low speeds in the city but provides low stability in high speeds. Heavy tire, due to gyroscopic effect, makes the steering heavy in high speeds, which adds stability. And that is benefits my bike pretty well. The bad: The contact patch with the ground on the tire is very small. The thread is very narrow, despite the tire being 45C, and it brings a negative effect – very poor traction. Breaking with rear wheel is near to useless even on the tarmac because the tire skids so easy. Similarly breaking on loose surfaces with the front wheel locks the wheel almost instantly, one must be very careful with brakes. I do have Deore M596 brakes with XT 180mm rotors. The second bad thing is also related to the tire width. Ok, it does not have good traction but it has good rolling resistance. You might be satisfied with that. The reason I put 45C tire on my bike is comfort. Large volume is supposed to suppress the road roughness. Not Marathon tires though. They are very harsh. They are harsher than i.e. Continental Speed Ride 42C tire, or even Specialized 37C cyclocross tires. Actually they are harsher than any tire I own. The conclusion: Schwalbe Marathon 45C tires are fat, heavy, harsh and have bad traction. They disappoint on performance and comfort. Probably puncture protection should outweigh the disadvantages, however, my previous commuter with Continental Speed Ride 42C tires was much more comfortable, had loads of traction in comparison, the tires where much lighter and I had single flat in four years. And they were twice as cheap. It brings a slight disappointment Marathons, I hope time will cure my disappointment :)
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