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Santa Cruz
Heckler CC X01 RSV
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Santa Cruz
Heckler CC X01 RSV
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  • Description

    Santa Cruz Heckler CC X01 RSV E-Bike Fully

    With the Heckler, the Californian high-end brand Santa Cruz is starting for the first time electrified - and the bike shines from the very first meters. The E-Mountainbike with absolute top components, such as SRAM's SRAMs X01 Eagle drivetrain, is powered by Shimano's most potent engine of the 8000 series. With the stylishly integrated 504 Wh battery in the exclusive carbon frame, you can even reach distant trails. The RSV model is equipped with the extremely stable and almost indestructible carbon wheels "Reserve" from Santa Cruz - experience real performance!

    The Santa Cruz Heckler CC X01 RSV in detail

    In 1996 the Heckler was created as a rude interruption to mountain bike designs of the time. Its solid, full suspension build and aggressive swagger proved that a well-proportioned trail bike could elevate rider’s on-trail experiences. Today’s Heckler carries all that attitude forward into a new era.

    A full carbon frame, VPP suspension and pedal-assist technology have merged to create something light and agile that amplifies the fun. Like all Santa Cruz bikes, the Heckler pedals well regardless of watts involved. The lower link VPP approach is tweaked to deliver slightly lower anti-squat versus a Bronson. This adds a touch more support and traction over rough stuff when pedalling seated - a major advantage of having a Shimano motor on your side.

    And like every Santa Cruz bike, the Heckler is built for the rigors of true mountain biking. Shimano electronics were chosen for their refinement and reliability, while quality pivot hardware, easily replaceable radial bearings and no-nonsense internal cabling were considered with a mechanics sanity in mind! Creating an e-MTB demanded careful consideration. For us, the Heckler’s potential to loft riders up to new heights is what gets us most excited. Trailblazers like Greg Williams and Danny MacAskill weren’t asking for a dumbed-down ride up. Or down. They wanted something to push their riding to new levels. And held maneuverability sacrosanct as the new tech was introduced.

    The Heckler’s boundaries aren’t defined by distance, laps, or time. The boundaries in our head that say, “Don’t bother”, “Turn back”, “Impossible.” Smashing these boundaries is what got us hooked on riding in the first place. Heckler’s not about taking things easy, it’s about making things possible.

    Lifetime Frame Warranty

    Santa Cruz Bicycles will repair or replace at its option any frame made by Santa Cruz Bicycles it determines to be defective in materials or workmanship. The warranty will be in effect for the lifetime of the frame and is available only to the original owner. Notwithstanding the foregoing, frames purchased prior to May 1, 2015 are covered under the previously-existing warranty for five years from the original date of purchase. In the event of a non-warranty situation, Santa Cruz Bicycles will make replacement parts available to the original owner at a reduced charge for the applicable warranty period described above.*

    Lifetime Reserve Carbon Wheels Warranty

    Santa Cruz Bicycles will repair or replace at its option any Reserve rim made by Santa Cruz Bicycles that is damaged or destroyed by riding. The warranty will be in effect for the lifetime of the rim and is available only to the original owner.*

    The Lost Sierras // Unlocking Rare Rides


    Santa Cruz CC Carbon Frame
    The full CC carbon frame of Heckler (front and rear triangle) and battery cover is lightweight and bombproof; the geometry is perfect for all-round modern trail riding; and the 150mm-travel lower-link VPP design is the most refined suspension design on any e-MTB.

    Santa Cruz don’t just use carbon to build bikes because it looks cool and everyone is doing it. They pioneer advanced materials and production methods to build the most durable and high-performance bicycles because it’s the way to ensure that riders can just enjoy riding their bike. Their experience with carbon production allows them to build bikes that are extremely reliable.

    They design, test and prototype their carbon technology in Santa Cruz, CA. The Santa Cruz carbon lab gives them the capacity to research carbon layup optimization that they can apply to their production frames, and research and test new manufacturing processes and techniques. Their production bikes are strong as hell, and they feel they have a good handle on their toolbox of materials, but having the carbon facility in the same building as the engineers allows them to push their understanding forward, and take advantage of emerging materials technology.

    The Santa Cruz frames are manufactured in their exclusive factory (Skybox). They founded this manufacturing facility themselves because they wanted to be able to control how their designs were produced, to ensure quality control, and to make sure the advancements their design remain proprietary to them (they’re not being selfish, it just sucks when someone peers over your shoulder to get the answer you’ve worked hard to figure out). What’s more, if something needs improving, they have the capacity and capability to change it, before it gets into your hands.

    Santa Cruz Virtual Pivot Point (VPP®) Suspension Design

    They’ve been using VPP® suspension since 2001. Rather than contracting a series of kooky inventors to try to build ever more complex and wack-a-doo suspension designs or proprietary shocks so the Marketing department has something to talk about, they’ve stuck with what is an extremely versatile and high-performance mechanism. VPP® is designed to work with the best available technology from suspension manufacturers that will be supported long-term. It doesn’t require novelty shocks and hardware that offers dubious long-term support.

    The 150mm travel lower-link VPP design marries the needs for downhill kicks with efficient pedalling prowess. They tuned it to have lower anti-squat (to sag) than their regular pedal bikes to allow you to keep pedaling (while seated) where normally you’d start standing. The more active suspension while pedaling creates better traction on technical climbs. But once you start mobbing down the trail the lower-link VPP system provides more mid-stroke and bottom out support than most other designs.

    Santa Cruz Reserve Carbon Wheels
    Whether it's a sunset lap with friends or a race run against the clock, a broken wheel ruins any ride. Santa Cruz set strength and impact resistance as their highest priority, but strength doesn't have to mean uncomfortably stiff. Their wheels are compliant enough to avoid that harsh "wooden" ride that gives some carbon rims a bad name offroad. They only make offroad bikes at Santa Cruz, so they have the privilege of being able to focus purely on the mountain bike experience. Everything from the thickness of rim beads to external spoke hole reinforcements comes purely from their experience of knowing what riders need at every level—from international racing to your local trails.

    Recommended frame size

    • S: 155 - 165 cm
    • M: 165 - 175 cm
    • L: 175 - 185 cm
    • XL: 185 - 193 cm
    • XXL: 193 - 201 cm

    Please note that pedals are not included!

    Shimano STEPS E8000

    Shimano STEPS is designed for the die-hard adventurer who wants to take on bigger challenges outside their comfort zone. The SHIMANO STEPS SERIES offers maximum riding fun at the level of intensity you desire. Unleash your potential and discover new worlds.

    Features Shimano STEPS E8000


    Powerful SHIMANO STEPS motor is strong enough to handle the steepest of trails, yet intuitive enough to give you just the right amount of support every pedal stroke along the way.

    • Designed specifically to give you that natural feel of riding a normal MTB
    • Weighs only 2.8kg, one of the lightest motors on the market
    • Stable, smooth intuitive power for improved bike handling over every section of trail
    • Solidly supports speeds up to 25 km/h
    • High power with max output of 70Nm (250W)


    Lightweight yet rigid crankset for direct power transfer. Both crankset and rest of the drivetrain built on SHIMANO’s proven technology. This gives you reliability and confidence from first to last pedal stroke.

    • Drivetrain components designed to work in sync with each other for unparalleled effectiveness and reliability
    • Spec’d with SHIMANO Hollowtech II bottom bracket for added strength and direct power transfer

    Switch Unit

    The Firebolt Switch Unit control with intuitive operation is ergonomically designed for a MTB. It’s the ultimate in comfort and reliability as you switch between modes while blasting through the trails.

    • The e-MTB Switch Unit is ergonomically designed for the specific demands of MTB riding such as riding through tight singletrack and bumpy terrain
    • Accurate, smooth shifting between power-assist modes regardless of weather or terrain conditions
    • Switch between Boost, Trail, Eco and Walk settings in a flash during the ride
    • Shifters incorporate the same design and shifting feel as XT Di2
    Support Settings
    • Boost: Complete support for a max boost and expert climbing - choose between high, med, or low level of assist.
    • Trail: Intuitively smooth gradated support through even the most demanding singletracks. Automatically adjusts its level of support based on pedal pressure. Choose between high, med, or low level of assist.
    • Eco: Solid support for those long expeditions.
    • Walk: Assists you when you need to get off the bike and walk it – simple to activate.

    Computer Display

    Extensive choice of power-assist settings to match your unique riding style. Compact, easy-to-read display with dynamic visuals when switching between support settings.

    • Further personalize your support settings by choosing Dynamic, Explorer or Custom Mode to perfectly match your riding style and intended terrain
    • Computer specifically designed to be compact and durable for MTB riding
    • Easy-to-read LCD - each support setting assigned a unique colour
    • Sleek bar-mounted computer with dynamic LCD display shows gear number, power assist mode and battery range information
    • Wirelessly customise your preferences via Bluetooth


    Ultra-durable, powerful battery specially designed for the rigors of mountain biking.

    • MTB-dedicated compact, low profile design for improved impact and vibration resistance.
    • 1,000 charge cycles with no significant power loss

    *Warranty Limitations, Exclusions, and Disclaimers

    The sole remedy available under the foregoing express warranty and all implied warranties is the repair or replacement of defective parts with those of equal or greater value, as determined by Santa Cruz Bicycles in its sole discretion. The warranty does not cover labor costs, custom finishes, normal wear and tear, or damage from commercial use. The warranty is void if the part is modified from its original condition in any manner or used outside normal intended use, as determined by Santa Cruz Bicycles in its sole discretion. The warranty for damage arising from accidents, crashes and other impacts is limited to offered replacement at a reduced charge as set forth above. Any implied warranties (including without limitation the warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose) which may not be disclaimed under applicable law are limited in duration to the period set forth above or the applicable statute of limitations, whichever is shorter.

    The foregoing warranty is the sole and exclusive warranty offered by Santa Cruz Bicycles. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, all other express and implied warranties (including without limitation the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose) are hereby disclaimed. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event shall Santa Cruz bicycles or any of its owners, officers, employees, representatives, agents, or affiliates (or any of their respective successors or assigns) be responsible or otherwise liable for any direct, incidental or consequential damages arising from the purchase, use, or ownership of its products, including without limitation damages for personal injury, property damage, or economic losses, whether based on contract, warranty, negligence, product liability, or any other theory.

    Some states and countries do not allow some or all of the foregoing exclusions or limitations, so they may not apply to you. If any portion of the foregoing warranty (or the exclusions or limitations thereto) is deemed invalid or unenforceable pursuant to applicable law, it shall be deemed modified so as to be valid and enforceable to the maximum extent consistent with such law. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state and country to country.

    Model year: 2020
  • Specifications


    Frame Carbon CC 27.5 150mm Travel VPP™
    Colour Rocksteady Yellow
    Fork FOX 36-E Float Performance Elite, 160mm, 27.5"
    Travel 160mm / 150mm
    Rear Shock RockShox Super Deluxe Select Ultimate
    Brakes SRAM Code RSC
    Brake discs Avid Centerline 200mm
    Headset Cane Creek 40 IS Integrated Headset
    Stem Race Face Aeffect R
    Handlebar Santa Cruz Di2 Carbon, 25mm rise
    Bar grips Santa Cruz Palmdale Grips
    Saddle WTB Silverado Team Saddle
    Seatpost RockShox Reverb Stealth, 1X Lever, MatchMaker, 31.6
    Crankset Shimano M8050 Hollowtech Crank arms 165mm
    Rear derailleur SRAM X01 Eagle, 12spd
    Gear shifters SRAM X01 Eagle Single Click, 12spd
    Chain guide E.13 LG1
    Cassette SRAM XG1295 Eagle, 12spd, 10-50t
    Chain SRAM X01 Eagle, 12spd
    Tyres Maxxis Minion DHR II, 27.5x2.6 EXO+ TR
    Front hub DT Swiss 350, 15x110, 28h
    Rear hub DT Swiss 350, 12x148, XD, 32h
    Spokes DT Swiss Competition Race
    Rims Santa Cruz Reserve 30 V2 27.5" Carbon Rims
    Display Shimano Display Unit E8000, Shimano E7000 Mode Switch
    Battery Shimano 504Wh Integrated
    Charger Shimano Battery Charger
    Engine Shimano DU-E8000
    Pedals not included
    Other details Stan's Sealant
    Total weight 21.09 kg
  • Geometry
    445 mm
    76.2 °
    390 mm
    720 mm
    65.5 °
    110 mm
    572 mm
    1187 mm
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