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SID RL 26" Dual Air 100 ML 15 Tapered PopLoc white
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SID RL 26" Dual Air 100 ML 15 Tapered PopLoc white
This item is no longer available
Item no.: 20002537
  • Description

    RockShox SID RL 26" Dual Air 100 ML 15 Tapered PopLoc white

    When you’re on the hunt for cross-country podiums, the SID is like a blowgun – ultra light, sleek and capable of delivering a deadly blow. Attention shortened steerer lengths - please select version!

    SID’s aluminum crown-steerer unit provides precision of direction while our Motion Control DNA damping system yields unparalleled plushness and control you’d only expect from a heavier fork. Its super light integrated design optimizes every gram, every molten drop of magnesium and every hard-forged element of aluminum to help you win the battle against fatigue, and your competition. Happy hunting! 

    • Wheelsize: 26"
    • Travel: 100 mm
    • Damping: Motion Control RL
    • Spring: Dual Air Adjustment: External rebound, PopLoc remote lockout left , Spring Adjust: Air pressure via two Schrader valve
    • Steerer: 1 1/8"-1,5", Tapered Aluminum - shortened lengths! (please select version)
    • Crown: Forged, Hollow AL66 TV Aluminum
    • Upper tubes: 32 mm, 7000 Series Straight Wall Aluminum, Low Friction Anodized With Sag Gradients Lowers: Magnesium, Post Mount Disc Brake
    • Drop out: Maxle Lite 15 mm
    • Maximum rotor size: 203 mm
    • Colour: white
    • Weight: approx 1400 g
    • Scope of delivery: Incl. PopLoc (left) lever, star nut (pressed)
    Fork pump not included!


    RL - The entry to Motion Control benefits
    The Motion Control DNA spring tube and refined Dual Flow rebound mated to compression-to-lock adjustability with a factory set threshold.

    Dual Flow
    Suspension shouldn’t pack up in rock gardens or buck after big drops. That’s why Dual Flow incorporates independent damping circuits, allowing separate rebound speeds for big hits and small ones. A user-adjustable knob controls the beginning-stroke (small-hit) rebound, and a factory-set ending-stroke (big-hit) rebound creates the perfect suspension for whatever the trail (or park) throws your way. Now tuning your suspension for your unique needs is as easy as a clockwise or counterclockwise turn.

    Motion Control
    Imagine riding on the moon. Rolling hills, crushed rock blasted out of craters… craters. There’s no gravity so you wouldn’t even need a chairlift. Unfortunately you can’t ride on the moon. There’s lots of gnarly terrain on earth. But, earth has gravity so you’ll need suspension that climbs as well as it descends. With our Motion Control damper technology you’ll do just that. You can’t ride on the moon, but with Motion Control you can make gravity your bitch.

    Dual Air
    With independently adjustable positive and negative air spring chambers, Dual Air is race or trail ready, highly tunable, and one of the lightest air spring systems on the market.
  • Reviews
    I think it is the best marathon fork for 26ers
    Great product!
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