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Monarch+ RC3 Debon Air Mid Reb / Mid Comp 190x51mm
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Monarch+ RC3 Debon Air Mid Reb / Mid Comp 190x51mm
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  • Description

    RockShox Monarch+ RC3 Debon Air Mid Reb / Mid Comp 190x51mm

    Monarch Plus provides traction-gaining suppleness, giving you more control over any type of terrain – all in a lightweight bombproof package.

    Proven Rapid Recovery, DebonAir and Solo Air technologies come standard for this lightweight big hitter. Now with twice the rebound range, Monarch Plus allows you to take your riding to levels you never thought possible with a short and mid travel air shock.

    • Use: All Mountain, Enduro
    • Damping: External Rebound, 3-Position Compression (Open, Pedal, Lock)
    • Installation length & hub: 190 x 51mm
    • Rebound Damping: Rapid Recovery
    • Spring: DebonAir
    • Spring Adjust: Air pressure via Schrader valve / High Volume
    • Rebound: Mid Tune
    • Saft Material: 7075 Aluminum - Fast Black
    • Body Material: Aluminum
    • Weight: from 335g
    Scope of delivery: Incl. shock pump and spare seals


    Dual Flow™
    Suspension shouldn’t pack up in rock gardens or buck after big drops. That’s why Dual Flow incorporates independent damping circuits, allowing separate rebound speeds for big hits and small ones. A user-adjustable knob controls the beginning-stroke (small-hit) rebound, and a factory-set ending-stroke (big-hit) rebound creates the perfect suspension for whatever the trail (or park) throws your way. Now tuning your suspension for your unique needs is as easy as a clockwise or counterclockwise turn. In the RockShox world this is clicking toward the turtle or the “jackalope.” Featured in: Totem, Lyrik, SID, Reba, Revelation, Monarch. 

    Rapid Recovery™

    Who doesn't want more available wheel travel for successive hits? The Rapid Recovery System allows the shock to recovery faster between consecutive bumps, letting the wheel track the ground with greater precision. This more active suspension system, doesn’t pack up and enables the bike to ride in a higher and softer part of the spring rate. Rapid Recovery gives the rider access to more available wheel travel, bump after bump, to achieve a smoother and more controlled ride. 

    Solo Air™
    Solo Air is like a Buddhist monk. Its enlightened design lets you add air to your forks through a single Schrader valve, filling both the positive and negative air spring chambers simultaneously. So they’re always in perfect equilibrium, like Yin and Yang. Giving you a plush, predictable ride you can set up in seconds, with the lightest weight air spring on the market. 

    An increase in the volume of positive and negative air chamber causing a more linear, softer response and reduced by 30% starting torque compared to its predecessor.
    Model year: 2015
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