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Vantage V Orange - Multisport-GPS Watch
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Vantage V Orange - Multisport-GPS Watch
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colour: orange
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  • Description

    Polar Vantage V Orange - Multisport-GPS Watch Multisport Watches

    With the latest wearable tech innovations the Polar Vantage V gives you all the accurate data you would need to maximise your performance. Polar Vantage V measures running power from the wrist - no additional foot pods or sensors needed.

    Premium Multisport and Triathlon Watch: the Vantage V from Polar in orange

    Train smarter and discover the winner within yourself with Polar Vantage V. A premium multisport watch designed for pro athletes – and for anyone who trains like a pro. If you’re looking for a cutting-edge water-resistant companion for triathlon or marathon training, Polar Vantage V is the perfect match. Battery life up to 40 h in training mode (GPS and wrist-based heart rate).

    Scope of delivery

    • Polar Vantage V pro multisport watch
    • Charging cable
    • Polar Vantage V user manual
    • Information note

    Features - Vantage V

    • Sport profiles: Polar Vantage V supports over 130 different sports. Add your favourite sports to your watch in Polar Flow
    • Swimming metrics: Follow your progress in the pool – Polar Vantage V automatically detects your heart rate, swimming style, distance, pace, strokes and rest times. Distance and strokes gets tracked also in open water swimming
    • Running Index: Get an estimate of your running VO2max and see how your running performance is developing
    • Smart Calories: Know exactly how many calories you’ve burned based on your weight, height, age, gender, your individual maximum heart rate (HRmax) and how hard you’re training
    • Continuous Heart Rate: Get a comprehensive view on how your heart behaves during your day. Continuous heart rate monitoring gives you even more accurate calorie burn and activity data and tells you the lowest and highest heart rate of your day
    • Running Program: Get a personal and adaptive training plan that fits you and your goals
    • Training Benefit: Get motivating feedback immediately after training describing the effect of the session
    • Sleep Plus™: Sleeping well will help boost your recovery and performance. Polar Sleep Plus™ automatically detects the timing, amount, and quality of your sleep
    • Connect with online sports communities: Strava, TrainingPeaks, MyFitnessPal, Endomondo, Nike+ Run Club
    • Battery: 320 mAh Li-pol battery. Battery life up to 40 h in training mode (GPS and wrist-based heart rate)
    • GPS & Barometer: Integrated GPS & GLONASS. Assisted GPS for fast fix times. Barometric altitude, incline, ascent and descent
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy. Custom USB cable for charging and data synchronisation
    • Measurements: 46 x 46 x 13 mm


    • orange


    • 66g (manufacturer information)

    Polar Precision Prime

    Polar Vantage V introduces the next generation of heart rate monitoring: Polar Precision Prime sensor fusion technology. This innovation combines optical heart rate measurement with skin contact measurement, in order to rule out any motion artifacts that could disturb the heart rate signal and provide unreliable readings. This way your heart rate gets tracked accurately, even in the most demanding conditions and training sessions.

    Recovery Pro

    When you’re training to achieve a specific goal, you need to find the balance between different types of training and rest. Polar Vantage V monitors your training load from each training session, measures your daily and long-term recovery levels and helps you recognise your personal limits by informing you if you have been training too much, too little or just the right amount. Polar Vantage V gives you a personalised training recommendation for each day and warns you when you are at risk of overtraining, injury or illness. It can also recognise if you have too much stress from something else other than training and will motivate you, to keep training if you start to lose your momentum.

    Training Load Pro

    When you train, the different systems of your body get strained. With Polar Vantage V, you're given a holistic view on how your training sessions strain these different systems and how it can affect your performance. Training Load Pro gives you a training load level for both your cardiovascular and your musculoskeletal system (Cardio Load and Muscle Load), and also takes into account how strained you feel (Perceived Load). When you know how strained each body system is, you can optimizs your training by working the right system at the right time. You'll get a numerical value, verbal feedback and a visual bullet scale for each training load.

    Running Power

    Running power is a great complement to heart rate monitoring – it helps you to monitor the external load of your running. Power responds to changes in intensity faster than your heart rate, which is why Running Power is a great guiding metric in interval and hill sessions. You can also use it to maintain a steady effort level during your run, for example in a race. The calculation is done with Polar’s proprietary algorithm, and it is based on your GPS and barometer data. Polar Vantage V uses Running Power to calculate your Muscle Load, the load that your training session puts on your joints and your muscular and skeletal systems.

    Polar Vantage V | Pro GPS multisport watch | Get to know

    Product features

    Continuous heart rate
    24/7 Activity Tracking
    Sleep Plus
    Activity Goal
    Active Time
    Steps and Distance
    Activity Summary
    Activity Benefit
    Inactivity Alert
    Sleep Duration and Quality
    Recovery Pro
    Running power from wrist
        via 3rd party sensor
    Running Program
    Training Load Pro (cardio load, muscle load, perceived load)
    Speed and distance from the wrist
    Running cadence from the wrist
    Wrist-based heart rate measurement
    Heart rate
    Heart Rate zones
    Speed/Pace zones
    Power zones
    Orthostatic Test
    Running Index
    Smart Calories
    Training Benefit
    Altitude, ascent/descent
    Sport profiles
    User-adjustable training displays
    Multisport training
    Training targets
    Training history
    Training diary
    Laps, manual
    Laps, automatic
    Swimming Metrics
    Tap gestures
    Incline measurement
    Average stride length
    Setup via mobile
    Battery life
        Training time 40h
        Weight 66g
        Color touch display
        Resolution 240X240
    Water resistance WR30
    Rechargeable battery
    USB cable Custom
    Display texts in languages Danish Czech Dutch English Turkish SwedishSpanish Russian Portuguese IndonesianGerman French Finnish Italian Polish Norwegian
    Bluetooth Smart
    Audio alerts
    Vibration alerts
    Button lock
    Date and weekday indicator
    Time of day (12/24h)
    Bike settings for three bicycles
    Firmware update
    Running Index analysis
    Season Planning
    Map view
    Social feed
    Instant activity and training analysis
    Advanced activity and training analysis
    Training planning
    Sport profile settings
    Progress follow-up
        Compatible with PC Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and later
        Compatible with Mac OS X 10.6, OS X 10.7, OS X 10.8, and later
        Compatible with Polar Flow web service
        Compatible with Polar Flow mobile app via Bluetooth Smart
    Data export
    Training history export (from polarpersonaltrainer.com to Polar Flow)
    3rd party compatibility

    Polar Vantage V | Training Load & Recovery Pro

    Polar Vantage V | Running power

    Polar Flow app | Free fitness and training app – Share your training data

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    JAAA, da ist Polar mal wieder ein richtiges Sportgerät gelungen. Klar die Farbe ist krass, aber mit der Uhr setzt man ein Zeichen zu seinem Lifestyle
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