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Aircrosser - Road Bike Helmet
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Northwave Aircrosser - Road Bike Helmet buy online Picture 1
Aircrosser - Road Bike Helmet
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Item no.: 20026958
  • Description

    Northwave Aircrosser - Road Bike Helmet

    The Northwave Aircrosser is a stable and high-quality Road Cycling helmet, which can precisely adjusted to any head shape.

    In-Mould Construction

    In-mold construction is a manufacturing technique where the foam interior liner of the helmet is “blown in” while the hard exterior shell is still in the manufacturing mold. In-mold helmets tend to be lighter and have more venting than traditional methods. In IN-MOLD production technology, the polycarbonate upper helmet shell is fused with the EPS granulate of the helmet body under high heat and pressure. This creates an inseparable, large-area bonding of the upper and lower shell. Advantage: The helmet is very light yet extremely sturdy.


    High Expanded Polystyrene“. The inner shellsof all INMOLD helmets are made of HI-EPS. The inner shell of every Northwave helmet is made of HI-EPS. It consists of microscopic air pockets that optimally absorb the impact forces that act on the helmet in a crash. Despite its optimum protective effect HI-EPS allows extra-thin wall thicknesses and slim helmet shapes to be achieved.

    Air Ventilation System

    Northwave invest a lot of time and energy in improving the ventilation of our bike helmets. It cools the head, reduces perspiration and increases performance. Clever positioning of vents assures optimal ventilation and cooling NW helmets are developed utilizing our proprietary A.V.S. , which combines active vents with internal exhaust channels that thrust cool, fresh air over and around the riders head-while forcing heat and stale air out.
    This significant increase in air channeling makes a difference that riders will immediately feel and appreciate

    Run System SRS

    Run System SRS comes with the newly developed rotable control knob made of the two-component mix - for secure grip. Anytime the helmet is adjusted to the rider’s head.


    The lateral divider ensures rapid adjustment of the helmet’s fastening system. Put on the helmets, fasten the buckle and then just move the lateral divider up or down for your personal fit.

    Antibacterial Interior

    Helmets pads made of a special padding material reduce the formation of bacteria and thus prevent
    perpiration odors.
  • Details


    SHELL MATERIAL: Polycarbonate
    INNER SHELL MATERIAL: High Expanded Polystyrene
  • Specifications


    Manufacturer: Northwave
    Women/men/unisex: Unisex
    Use: Road Bike
    Colour: white/silver/black
    Weight: 250 gr
  • Reviews
    The helmet is comfortable - the pads that it comes with do help , finishing is ok but nothing special , ventilation is really good - i don't sweat as much as i did with my old helmet , the tightening mecanism is good - it has rubber just above your ears . The only negative thing I found were the straps that look a bit cheap but are ok .
    Casco cómodo que se adapta bien y de peso aceptable
    Super Passform, mit Fliegennetz und extra Innenpolster, wenn man diese mal waschen möchte!
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