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APPCON 3000 Dynamo Charger USB with Powerbank
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APPCON 3000 Dynamo Charger USB with Powerbank
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  • Description

    NC-17 APPCON 3000 Dynamo Charger USB with Powerbank Chargers

    Turn your hub dynamo into an inexhaustible source of energy. With the power of the APPCON 3000 from NC-17 you convert the power of your dynamo into USB charging current. Easy to use, ultra-compact and super-efficient at the same time, this charging system doesn't need a power outlet.

    Features - Connect APPCON 3000

    • Constant power supply via the bicycle dynamo for all USB-enabled devices. No matter in which terrain or weather.
    • The sophisticated charging control provides above-average charging performance with short charging times. Whether at the dynamo or at the socket.
    • The integrated charging circuit automatically detects your device and negotiates the appropriate charging current.
    • An optimized antenna technology reduces the electrosmog on your bike. (Bluetooth 4.0) The super-light aluminium construction weighs only 102 g and is therefore hardly noticeable. There you still have reserve for much more.

    Product features

    • Function: USB charging system from the hub dynamo
    • Housing material: aluminium
    • Efficacy: min. 92 %.
    • Outdoor: IP67
    • Input 1: hub dynamo
    • Input 2: DC USB up to 5V 1A
    • Output: DC up to 5V 2A
    • Capacity: 3,000 mAh@3.7 V (Li-Ion)
    • Powerbank function: included
    • Battery Controller/Protector: e.g. level indicator in % (+/- 2%)
    • Manual "wake-up" function: can be switched on and off via magnet
    • Hyper Sleep Mode: Auto Mode
    • Battery replaceable: by NC-17
    • Sensors (*external): Speed, (*altimeter, *temperature)
    • Status indicator Battery level: RGB (3 color) LED
    • Firmware Update: via APPCON GT App
    • Dimension: ø 22 mm, length 157 mm
    • For head tube mounting: removable without tools
    • Quick coupling: removable by plug connection
    • External plugs: flexible fixation
    • Dynamo connection: Shimano plug, Son plug
    • Bluetooth: from 4.0 (optimized and reduced range)
    • APPCON GT App Operating system: IOS from 8.0 and Android from 4.3 Windows from 8.1 (without NC-17-App, only BLE 4.0 standard protocol) Bluetooth from 4.0


    • black/laser engraved


    • 102g (manufacturer information)

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 NC-17 APPCON 3000 Dynamo Charger USB with Powerbank
    • 1 NC-17 dynamo plug
    • 1 NC-17 USB charging cable
    • 1 NC-17 carbon protection tube
    • 2 NC-17 Insulation sleeves
    • 4 NC-17 Flat plug
    • 4 NC-17 Cable tie
    The APPCON is subject to constant optimisation and further development. By updating the firmware via the NC-17 APPCON GT App, you always stay up to date. Please check after the purchase if a new firmware is available for your APPCON and install it. Thus you always guarantee the best possible performance and compatibility of your APPCON.


    Absolute freedom. USB power for your gadgets.
    Thanks to its extremely energy-saving technology and the integrated maxi power bank (3,000 mAh), the APPCON 3000 achieves maximum charging efficiency with up to 2 amps at 5 volts. With this power all your gadgets are safely supplied on endless ways.

    Full overview and much more.
    Electricity makes driving fun. Connect the APPCON 3000 via Bluetooth with our free AppCon GT APP and you will always have its most important parameters in view. Of course, you can also use all the other functions of the App. Simply download it from the AppStores and try it out.

    APPCON 3000

    APPCON 3000 how it work's

    Model year: 2019
  • Reviews
    Nachdem zwei Forumslader auf unserer Weltreise den Geist aufgegeben haben und eine Kamera und ein Handy zerstört haben, sind wir auf den Appcon gewechselt. Wir sind nicht sehr schnell unterwegs, da wir viel Offroad fahren aber es hat immer gereicht unsere elektronischen Spielzeuge am Laufen zu halten. Wir haben ihn sogar mit hoch in Alaska dabei gehabt um unsere Kameras und die Handys geladen zu halten. Ab -12° mussten wir ihn aber an einen wärmeren Ort packen, damit er noch lädt, aber mit welchem elektronischen Gerät musst du das nicht?! Kurzum wir sind sehr begeistert und können den Appcon 3000 für längere Touren sehr empfehlen.
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