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Mini Micro Sporty neon-orange
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Mini Micro Sporty neon-orange
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colour: neon-orange
Item no.: 10027060
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  • Description

    Micro Mini Micro Sporty neon-orange Scooter / Kickboards

    Saturday afternoon, the sun is shining. Let's stroll around the town with the kids. You do not feel like taking the buggy, should the small children not want to walk. What is the solution? The mini micro!
    Your kids are mobile, progress more quickly and really enjoy it. We are particularly proud of the fact that the mini micro has been selected several times as the toy of the year by children and their parents. Developed in collaboration with specialised Swiss doctors it enhances the movement, motor function and coordination of the children through its weight control. The handlebars can be simply removed for transport in the car or in a suitcase. The footboard reinforced with glass fibre is made of soft synthetic material and prevents the children from getting injured. But the best salient feature of the mini micro? The beaming faces of the kids who ride it.

    Product Features

    • World: Children
    • Age class: 2+
    • Product Kind: Kickboard
    • Surface Kind: Asphalt
    • Application mode: Mobility, Movement, Fun and Games
    • Kind of Wheel: Hard rubber (PU)
    • Size of wheels: 120 mm / 80 mm
    • Maximum Load: 20 kg
    • Kind of folding: Removable handlebar
    • Handlebar height: 67 cm


    • neon-orange


    • 1.79 kg

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 Mini Micro Sporty neon-orange

  • Reviews
    Отличный самокат! Ребенок доволен! Используется с возраста 1.5 года, Научилась уверенно стояь на самокате со второй попытке. На настоящий момент при интенсивной эксплуатации в течении 2 лет, проблем нет. Great scooter! The child is happy! Used from the age of 1.5 years, I learned to stand confidently on the scooter with a second attempt. At the moment, with intensive operation for 2 years, there are no problems.
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