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Heated Bike Gloves
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Mematec  Heated Bike Gloves buy online Picture 1
Heated Bike Gloves
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Item no.: BE00003248
  • Description

    Mematec Heated Bike Gloves

    The heated glove is designed to use for skiing, motorcycling and biking. Four different sizes are available: S/M/L/XL. Heated Glove with imbedded sensor and implemented LiPo- batteries.
    The sensor switches the heating automatically on and off and keeps the hand constantly warm. A thermo sensor controls the temperature setting depending on the out side conditions. Is the target temperature achieved, the glove remain at the programmed temperature of 36,5°

    To prevent the deep discharge of the battery during storage over the summer, disconnect the plug in connector.
    To wash the glove, disconnect the battery housing.

    To charge the battery connect the cable to the charger. The battery can remain the glove pocket

    Technical details:
    • Glove made of water repellent material
    • Interior glove surface is boosted with extra layers
    • 3 Tinsulate layers for addition wind protection
    • Lithium polymer battery: 3200mAh, 3,6 Volt
    • Heat duration about 3,5 hours at full utilization
    • Fast charger 2x450mAh, charging time 5,5 hours,
  • Details


    Oberhand: 100% Polyester
    Innenhand: 63% Polyamid, 37% Polyurethan
    Futter: 100% Polyester
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