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MT 4 Disc Brake front 160mm PM 6" (Storm)
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MT 4 Disc Brake front 160mm PM 6" (Storm)
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  • Description

    Magura MT 4 Disc Brake front 160mm PM 6" (Storm)

    THE ALLROUNDER! The brake lever of the MT4 is manufactured from CARBOTECTURE®. As with the models toward the top end of the range, stability and rigidity are retained by using a greater capacity and wall thickness. Tool-free centre-of-pressure adjustment is also incorporated into the brake lever. The brake calliper is identical to that of the MT6.
    The exact composition of this material remains a closely guarded secret – but we can reveal the following: Carbotecture® is the perfect material for the new exclusive Carboflow® process, also developed by MAGURA. Carbotecture® consists of a high percentage of carbon fibres in a thermoplastic matrix. This new material can not be compared with any known fibre reinforced plastic or laminated carbon fibre mats. 

    The advantages of Carbotecture® are enormous:

    Properties of the material

    • Extremely light (less than half the density of aluminium).
    • Tensile strength in between aluminium and steel, extremely impact resistant and break proof ...
    • Highest flexural fatigue strength of all conventional bike component materials.
    • The efficiency weight (tensile strength/density) is double that of aluminium or magnesium and 6 times higher than steel ...
    • Carboflow® has the highest process security due to complete in house  manufacturing at MAGURA Germany.
    • Much higher reproducibility compared to conventional carbon laminates.
    • Highest dimensional accuracy and precision.
    • Perfectly sealed surface after processing (aluminium die cast has open sponge-like pores and must be impregnated).
    Design possibilities
    • Especially adapted design to the Carboflow® process allows an optimized fibre orientation according to the directional stress.
    • Better calculable and more homogeneous than die cast aluminium. Oversizing can be reduced, thus ensuring a lighter and safer component design.
    • Manufactured using the the Carboflow® process (without mechanical post processing as with alloy die cast) allows full freedom of shaping.
    • The lightest possible material allocation can be realized with complex strength and process simulation.
    • The product design enjoys almost no limits.

    The ultimate disc brake rotor STORM

    With the newly developed STORM rotor we are presenting the first component on the way to the best brake in the world. Combining the wealth of our experience and the latest results of our MISSION PERFORMANCE we have achieved a maximum of stopping power, control and cooling at a minimum weight. One look is enough as the ultimate design says it all: the STORM will set a new standard when it comes to decent, long-lasting performance disc brake rotors.

    Technical features: 

    • Open hydraulic disc brake system with completely integrated reservoir
    • EBT technology for superfast and convenient bleeding
    • Dual piston fixed caliper made of forged aluminium with automatic pad wear adjustment in a smart One Piece Design for maximum stiffness
    • Pad wear thickness can be checked without removal of the pads
    • New, lightweight yet super solid STORM rotor with 160mm diameter
    • Carbotecture® Body and BAT lever blade and aluminium clamp stiffness to weight ratio.
    • All fitting bolts made of aluminium


    • From 330g (inclusive 160mm Storm)


    • White-black

    Guarantee: 5 year leak proof warranty after online registration magaura.com

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