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CATALAN GTX® black/red
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CATALAN GTX® black/red
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Item no.: 10005494
  • Description

    Lowa CATALAN GTX® black/red

    New lightweight all-rounder for ambitious trekking and hiking.
    • surface material: nubuck
    • fodder material: GORE-TEX® Footwear
      • Well tempered and dry feet are a must for comfortable hiking and essential for alpine actions. The LOWA 'Climate Control System' keeps feet dry, protecting against blisters and pressure points. A series of perforations, or holes, inside the boot's cuff lining allows air to enter the boot lining whilst the walking movement 'pumps' heat and moisture back out through the holes. Moisture is pulled away from the foot and evaporates.
    • sole: Vibram® Apptrail
      • modern trekking boot tread with increased contact area
      • self-cleaning tread for excellent grip
      • pronounced front heel edge for good traction downhill
      • improved traction and safety when going downhill
    • weight/couple: 1500 g
    • color: black/red
    • LOWA index: 3
      • The perfect footwear for extended trips and day hikes on stable paths. They offer very good support with maximum cushioning and excellent roll-off performance.
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