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TC-1 Tool Kit
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TC-1 Tool Kit
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  • Description

    Katana TC-1 Tool Kit

    The Katana TC-1 is a modular bicycle toolbox that covers the classic basic needs and meets the requirements of modern bicycle types. All important components give you the opportunity to equip your bicycle workshop with everything you need.

    Content - TC-1 Tool Kit

    • Torque wrench 4-24 Nm with 1/4" drive*
    • Chain rivet with spring-loaded guide rail 5 - 12 speed suitable
    • Mouting-Dismounting-Tool for pressfit inner bearings with:
      • 24mm axles
      • 30mm axles
    • chain wear jig with chain mounting aid
    • Chain link pliers suitable up to 12 speed
    • Crank puller
    • Assembly-Dismantling Tool for Cartridge Bottom Bracket
    • Assembly and disassembly tool for cassettes and brake disc lock rings
    • Crank screw retaining tool
    • Hexagonal wrench with ball head:
      • 2mm
      • 2.5mm
      • 3mm
      • 4mm
      • 5mm
      • 6mm
    • Hexagonal wrench 8mm with soft grip for universal use / crank screw tool
    • 1/2" adapter with 8mm connection
    • TORX wrench:
      • T30
      • T25
      • T20
      • T10
    • Cable pliers with external mandrel
    • Chain lock link pliers with:
      • opening function
      • Locking function
    • Chain links
      • 11 speed
      • 10 speed
      • 9 speed
    • Hollowtech 2 Tool with extension inserts for
      • SM-BB 9000
      • SM-BR 60
    • Pedal wrench 15mm with Powergrip
    • Tyre lifter set
    • Self-adhesive patches (6 pieces & sandpaper)
    • Spoke wrench for:
      • 3.2mm
      • 3.3mm
      • 3.5mm
    • Hollowtech Dust Cap Tool
    • Bitsocket - Set with:
      • H10mm
      • H8mm
      • H6mm
      • H5mm (extension)
      • H4mm
      • H3mm
      • TORX 30
      • TORX 25
      • TORX 20
      • TORX 10

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 Katana TC-1 Tool Kit

    *Torque wrench: An important tool for every bike workshop

    Torque wrenches are precision tools that allow bolted connections to be tightened with exactly the force recommended or specified by the manufacturer. Especially for frames and add-on parts made of carbon, the correct torque, which is given in newton meters (Nm), must be observed. However, the correct tightening torque also ensures that the connection is not overstressed for all other materials.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Torque wrenches are not intended to loosen threaded joints, neither in left nor right rotation (screws with left-hand threads are rare, but they are available, e.g. the left pedal!). The loosening of screw connections destroys the sensitive mechanics of the torque wrench. The measuring accuracy is then no longer guaranteed. Inappropriate storage can also affect the accuracy. A torque wrench must always be stored in a released position , i.e. at the lowest adjustable value!
    And another important tip at this point: Before using the torque wrench for the first time, we recommend moving it 3 times over the entire scale so that the grease is distributed evenly in the mechanism.

  • Customer reviews
    Ensemble d'outils très complet pour une utilisation non professionnelle. De bonne qualité à l'exception du dérive chaine qui est à manipuler avec un extrême précaution.
    Good portable set of tools, the biggest drawback for me was the chain breaker or chain tool that is made of alloy (aluminium) - that is just too soft of a material, when you're pushing (lubed) steel chain pins. Mine is becoming useless after some use. (thread is giving up) - I know how to properly use a chain tool. Other than that, rest of the tools work fine for me. (using them on a weekly basis)
    Very useful tool kit for your bike!
    Für den Preis ein super Werkzeugkoffer, bei der Anzahl von Teilen, welche im übrigen bisher jegliche dafür vorgesehenen Arbeiten einwandfrei verrichtet haben... was soll man sagen: TOP! Wer mehr will muss auch deutlich (!) mehr ausgeben und ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob der Qualitätsunterschied bei anderen Koffern dann in überhaupt einem Verhältnis zum Preis steht.... muss dann jeder für sich entscheiden... Ich würde den hier wieder kaufen
    teilweise einfache Qualität für diesen Preis
    Sehr gut bestückter Koffer mit Qualitätswerkzeug. Er hat fast alles was man braucht. Ärgerlich ist, dass kein Schraubenzieher, oder Bit für Schlitz oder Kreuzschlitzschrauben dabei ist. Das hätte man bei dem Preis erwarten können! Auch die Fixierung der Werkzeuge im Koffer ist nicht optimal, denn beim Öffnen fallen immer einige Teile heraus.
    Alles nötige drin! So macht das schrauben am Fahrrad spaß!!
    Excelente selección de herramientas. Finalmente componentes modernos, precio muy bueno. Puedo recomendar.
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