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Edge 830 - GPS Bike Computer
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Edge 830 - GPS Bike Computer
335,99 €
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  • Description

    Garmin Edge 830 - GPS Bike Computer Wireless Cycle Computer

    The Garmin Edge 830 convinces right away! Pre-loaded maps with turn-by-turn navigation and a long battery life of up to 20 hours combined with the new ClimbPRo function and high-quality touch screen make a GPS bike computer you can always rely on. Whether on a road bike or an MTB, the Edge 830 always performs well!

    GPS bike computer with touch screen for road bike and MTB: the Garmin Edge 830

    Who cares that the Edge 830 touchscreen cycling computer offers dynamic performance monitoring and insights to help you improve? You do. So, whether you're a podium finisher, Kona qualifier, gravel grinder, straight-shaven, urban pedaler, dirt ball or somewhere in between, Edge 830 is ready to roll as your new riding partner.

    Highlights of the Garmin Edge 830

    • Dynamic performance monitoring provides insights on your VO2 max, recovery, training load focus, heat and altitude acclimation, nutrition, hydration and more
    • Cycling safety features include new bike alarm, group messaging and tracking, incident detection and compatibility with Varia™ rearview radar and lights so you can see and be seen
    • Includes routable Garmin Cycle Map with popularity routing — which helps you ride like a local — plus on-device route creation, off-course recalculation and back to start; mountain biking model has integrated Trailforks data, including trail difficulty ratings
    • Customise with free apps, widgets and data fields from the Connect IQ™ Store
    • MTB dynamics track jump count, jump distance and hang time as well as Grit, a measure of the ride’s difficulty, and Flow, which tracks the smoothness of your descent so you have a score to beat next time
    • Battery life: up to 20 hours with GPS; extendable up to 40 hours with the optional Garmin Charge™ power pack or in battery save mode


    Take your training to the next level
    Edge 830 goes beyond data collection — providing dynamic performance insights that can help you beat your best. See how your body is holding up in different environments with heat and altitude acclimation. Get in-ride notifications when it's time to hydrate or eat. See if your most recent training was balanced in terms of endurance, threshold and high-intensity efforts. When paired with compatible Garmin sensors, Edge 830 even calculates power curve, a new power tracking metric that compares your ride effort to your previous weeks and months. No matter where you train, you can sync structured workouts from TrainingPeaks™ and our online fitness community, Garmin Connect™, right to your Edge. You can also view your upcoming training for the week and launch into the relevant workout seamlessly when required.

    Ride with confidence
    Whether you're training with riding buddies or commuting to work, your Edge 830 device takes safety seriously. It allows for group messaging and tracking, so you can stay in touch when you get separated from the pack. It also has incident detection, which automatically sends your location to emergency contacts if it detects an incident. For even more awareness, pair Edge 830 with our Varia rearview radar and lights so you can see and be seen. And the new PIN-protected bike alarm will notify you on your smartphone if your bike is moved while you're inside getting water or making a pit stop.

    Navigate every turn
    Edge 830 is preloaded with the Garmin Cycle Map, including turn-by-turn directions and navigation alerts that notify you of upcoming turns. Use the bright, responsive touchscreen to create new rides and courses right on the Edge device. To help you ride like a local, popularity routing chooses from the roads and trails most travelled by fellow cyclists. Edge 830 is smart enough to guide you back to the route — or back to start — if you deviate from it or decide to head home early. With route calculation speeds 2 times faster than previous models, you'll spend more time riding, not waiting around.

    Tame the trails
    When you need a change of scenery, Edge 830 is your go-to guide for mountain biking. Start by downloading the free Trailforks app from our Connect IQ Store and then unlocking the Trailforks data on your Edge. Featuring trails from more than 80 countries, Trailforks includes the best, most up-to-date information, including trail conditions, heatmaps and more. When you stop mid-ride, the new Forksight mode automatically displays upcoming forks in the trail and gives you context by showing where you are within a trail network. During the ride, Edge 830 tracks the epic details with new mountain biking metrics such as jump count, jump distance and hang time. Other mountain biking features include Grit, which rates the difficulty of a ride using GPS, elevation and accelerometer data, and Flow, which measures how smoothly you descend a trail so you have a score to beat next time.

    Climb like a pro
    Climbing can become your secret weapon with Edge 830 and the new ClimbPro feature. It automatically shows the remaining ascent and grade when you're climbing while following a route or course. This shows you how much you have left to suffer, helping you gauge your effort over the remainder of your ride.

    SHIMANO STEPS eBike system
    Pair a compatible Edge cycling computer with a supported SHIMANO STEPS eBike system, and receive a dedicated eBike status screen, data fields and support for system status and warning messages. In addition to Edge metrics — such as time, distance and speed — you can also view your assist level, gear position, battery life and remaining range during a ride.

    Customise your device
    Only Garmin lets you customise your device with free apps, widgets and data fields from the Connect IQ Store. Apps such as the AccuWeather MinuteCast let you know when the rain will stop so you can determine the ideal time slot for your ride. And if you plan your rides on sites such as Strava, Komoot or Wikiloc, download those apps so you can have your favourite routes imported directly to your Edge. Or if you're looking for a nearby café or bike shop, use the Yelp app to download their locations, and route directly to them on your Edge device.


    • black


    • 79,1 g (manufacturer information)

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 x Garmin Edge® 830
    • 1 x Standard mount
    • 1 x Flush out-front mount
    • 1 x Tether
    • 1 x USB cable
    • 1 x Documentation

    Garmin Edge 530 and Edge 830: Who Cares?


    Physical dimensions 50 x 82 x 20 mm
    Display size 2.6" colour
    Display resolution 246 x 322 pixels

    79.1 g

    Battery Rechargeable lithium-ion
    Battery life Up to 20 hours GPS training mode
    Water rating IPX7
    Colour display
    High-sensitivity receiver

    Maps & memory

    Ability to add maps
    Waypoints/favourites/locations 200
    Routes 100 Courses
    History Up to 200 hours


    Barometric altimeter

    Daily smart features

    Smart notifications
    VIRB® camera remote

    Activity tracking features

    Calories burned

    Training, planning and analysis features

    Customisable screen(s)
    Auto Pause®
    Interval training
    Advanced workouts
    Auto Lap®
    VO2 max
    Virtual partner
    Auto scroll

    Running features

    Foot pod capable Yes (Some versions)

    Cycling features

    Time/distance alerts (triggers alarm when you reach goal)
    Garmin cycle map (routable cycling-specific street map)
    Compatible with Vector™ (power meter)
    Power meter compatible (displays power data from compatible third-party ANT+™-enabled power meters) Yes (records data approx. 1 per second)

    Garmin Connect™

    Garmin Connect™ compatible (online community where you analyse, categorise and share data)
    Automatic sync (automatically transfers data to Garmin Connect)


    • Smart notifications displays texts and calls only
    • Internal memory: 16 GB
    • Personal cycling records: Yes
    • Compatible with Varia bike radar and lights: Yes
    • Edge® remote compatibility: Yes
    • LiveTrack: Yes
    • GroupTrack: Yes
    • Advanced performance and power analysis, including VO2 max, Recovery Adviser, FTP/Watts/kg tracking, Performance condition/lactate threshold/stress score as well as advanced cycling dynamics and connected features
    • Bike trainer profile for compatible Turbo trainer data display and control
    • On-device segment compatibility for dynamic and engaging in-ride competition: Yes
    • Operating temperature: -20°C to +55°C
    • Connected features via a smartphone: Yes
    • Compatible with Garmin Connect and Garmin Connect Mobile: Yes
    • Integration with Shimano Di2 electronic shifting: Yes
    • Weather alerts: Yes
    • Wi-Fi® compatible: Yes
    • Ambient light: Yes
    • Round-trip routing: Yes
    • Route planner: Yes
    • Incident detection: Yes
    • Training plans/workouts: Yes
    • Connect IQ compatible: Yes
    • Audio prompts: Yes
    • Auto start (timer starts automatically at custom speed): Yes
    • ANT+ electronic shifting compatibility: Yes
    • ANT+ bike trainer compatible: Yes
    • Strava Segments compatible: Yes
    • Stress score: Yes
    • Battery save mode: Extends battery life up to 50 percent while still tracking ride detail

    ¹ Advanced workouts require a Garmin Connect account


    Size 50 x 82 x 20 mm
    Weight 75.8 g
    Display type 2.6" colour touchscreen
    Display resolution 246 x 322 pixels
    GPS/GLONASS/Galileo Yes
    Altimeter Yes
    Ambient light sensor Yes
    Battery life 24 hours (typical)
    Integrated In-ride power capable Yes
    ANT+/Bluetooth®/Wi-Fi® ANT+, Bluetooth, BLE, Wi-fi
    Sensor compatibility ANT+, BLE
    Water rating IPX7

    Performance and ride monitoring features

    Data customisation Yes
    Auto Pause/Lap/Scroll Yes
    Alerts Yes
    Personal records Yes
    VO2/Recovery Yes
    Physiological measurements Yes (including training load, balance)
    Power compatible Yes
    Advanced power analysis Yes
    MTB dynamics Yes
    Electronic shifting compatible Yes
    Indoor trainer controls compatible Yes
    Advanced workouts Yes
    Segments Yes
    ClimbPro Yes
    Extended display Yes

    Navigation features

    Maps Garmin Cycle Map
    Integrated TrailForks content Yes
    Ability to add maps Internal memory only
    Course compatible Yes
    Popularity routing Yes
    Turn-by-Turn navigation Yes
    On-device recalculation Yes
    On-device Back to Start calculation Yes
    On-device course creation Yes
    On-device A/B navigation, POI and address search Yes
    On-device roundtrip course creation Yes

    Awareness and connected features

    LiveTrack Yes
    GroupTrack Yes
    Rider to rider messaging Yes
    Incident detection Yes
    Assistance Yes
    Weather Yes
    Smart notifications Yes
    Varia compatibility Yes
    VIRB® controls Yes
    Auto activity upload Yes
    Connect IQ Yes
    Audio prompts Yes
    Battery save mode Yes
    Bike alarm/Find My Edge® Yes
    Device-to-device transfer Yes
  • Review

    Guido reviews ... the Garmin Edge 830 GPS bike computer

    With the 1030, Garmin has managed to take the lead in the world of cycling computers. Consequently, it’s time now to strengthen the mid-range models again. Having received a major update, the 830 has been a long time coming. Both the hardware and the software have been enhanced and offer new functions. It goes without saying that we wanted to know more about what the GPS device specialists have come up with.

    Guido’s closer look: Garmin Edge 830

    "This season, Garmin has finally launched the successor of the Edge 820. Since I frequently used this Garmin model, I was really looking forward to its follow-up. Garmin has improved it in all areas, the most important ones are listed below:

    • larger display (2.6 inches)
    • faster due to optimized CPU
    • longer battery life: up to 20 hours
    • totally new analysis tools for mountain bikers
    • ClimbPro Assistant -> very exciting!
    • even more performance data: training effect, VO2max, recovery time, acclimatization

    The color display of the Garmin Edge 830 is the best I've ever seen. I was right away impressed by the 2.6 inch screen with a resolution of 246x322 pixels. The size is perfectly ok. The 830 is slightly smaller than the 1030, but like the 1030 it does feature a touchscreen. What I also liked very much is the much faster CPU response time. I always considered this annoying with the 820. So, at some point, I switched to the 1030.
    The setup of the device was easily done and the transfer of my stored routes as well as the integration into my Garmin Connect profile worked very well. The coupling of the sensors (chest strap, shifting, power meter, speed and cadence) and the connection with my smartphone went smoothly, too.

    Via touchscreen, routes can be created and followed directly on the Edge 830's pre-installed cycle map of Europe. This function is fun and works well. Like the 1030, the Edge 830 provides visual and audible turn-by-turn alerts and warns the rider of sharp turns. As it can get somewhat annoying, I disabled this feature. But it's definitely an advantage on unknown routes. The rest of the navigation is also very well designed.


    However, the feature I like best is the new ClimbPro function! It informs the rider about upcoming climbs, indicating the altitude, distance and gradient. As you can see in the picture, my route included two important climbs. At the top of the screen I get the information that this is just the first of both climbs. Apart from that, I get the information about the remaining altitude difference or the average gradients. This should help you to better manage your powers. As a rather heavy cyclist weighing almost 90 kg I really appreciate this! It helps me not to waste too much power at the start of a climb which I will desperately need later on.

    The focus: new mountain bike functions

    It is not just the hardware that has been extensively revised, the software does also come with new functions. From now on, thanks to a connection to the TrailForks platform, further information on MTB trails is provided with the pre-installed European bike map, which is very useful for planning rides and tours.

    ‚Jump‘ data

    One of the completely new features is the DH data provided by the Edge 830. It informs you about the height and distance of your jumps and also about the airtime. In addition, you get interesting information about the difficulty and and the flow of the trails. You will find them under Grit and Flow. The grit value describes how demanding the trail is. To do so, it uses the altitude difference, GPS tracking and acceleration data to determine a value on the respective scale. According to Garmin, this value is completely objective and does not respect your personal abilities. The flow value, on the other hand, is said to be more individual. A range of 0 - 20 indicates how fluid your ride was. The lower the value, the more so.

    However, off-road and under trees the GPS reception is sometimes not good enough to provide reliable speed data. In order to avoid this effect, I recommend the new speed sensor 2 which continuously delivers reliable data. The sensor provides much more accurate results. It costs 39,99 Euro and, just like its predecessor model, it‘s fastened with a rubber around the front or rear hub and connected to the GPS computer via ANT+. Additionally, it offers Bluetooth and has a battery life of about a year.

    Find my Edge

    Also new is the feature 'Find my Edge'. Although I find it difficult to imagine how you should lose the device while riding, it’s good to know that you are well prepared for the occasion. In fact, the most probable scenario, for me at least, is a crash in which the bike computer comes off and gets lost. The device will then automatically send a message from the last recorded position to the smartphone and can thus be more or less precisely located. Once you are within Bluetooth range, an acoustic alarm helps you to find the device in the bushes or wherever.

    My Edge 830 verdict

    I must say, this device is really fun! It is small, light and yet easy to use. The new functions are really useful and offer something for every type of rider. Personally, the ClimbPro function is my favourite. It’s a huge help on lonely climbs and makes them more interesting and entertaining.

    On the road it offers all the necessary functions. The only thing you have to ask yourself is if you would prefer a larger display, as featured by the Edge 1030. Of course, the price also matters. According to me, when it comes to MTBs, the 830 is unrivalled at the moment! The compact design and the new MTB functions are great. In order to get more accurate data, however, I‘d recommend to opt for the bundle or buy the new speed sensor in addition. Thus, nothing will stop you from properly analyzing your next tour. Have fun with it."

  • Customer reviews
    Moin. Top Gerät. Macht was es soll. Gerne wieder
    Klasse! Ein deutlicher Unterschied zum Vorgänger 820. Nach einer 5 Stunden Tour bei eisigen Temperaturen noch immer 87 % Akkuleistung. Auch um einiges schneller als der 820.
    Schon ein cooles Teil. Es könnten ein wenig mehr Wege im Wald aufgezeigt werden. Ich werde mal nach Karten Updates schauen. Der Akku hält richt lange durch.
    Tip Top
    Die Einrichtung am Gerät und mittels PC gelingt rasch, ebenso die Anbindung an Apps wie Komoot oder Strava. Per W-LAN lassen sich Routen schnell auf das Gerät übertragen. Die in manchen Tests beschriebenen Kinderkrankheiten der Software scheinen behoben. Im Fahrbetrieb navigiert das Edge zuverlässig, die Neuberechnung beim Abweichen von vorgeplanten Routen klappt in Sekundenschnelle. Das Display ist in jeder Lichtsituation super ablesbar. Die ClimbPro-Funktion ist kein Must-have, wenn die Kräfte nachlassen aber ein nettes Feature zur Einteilung der Kräfte.
    Klasse Gerät. Bin damit wochenlang Kreuz und Quer durch die Alpen gefahren und bin begeistert. Sehr lange Akkulaufzeit (mind. zwei Tage bei jeweils 10-12stündiger Nutzung). Sehr gute Positionsbestimmumg. Kennt auch kleinste Schleichwege.
    bien reçu
    Bin jetzt 200km auf der Straße damit gefahren. Bin sehr zufrieden. Alle Funktionen halten was sie versprechen. Das Gerät reagiert schnell und die neue Pro-Climb Funktion liebe ich schon!
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