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Edge 1030 Bundle - Bike GPS Navigationsystem
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Edge 1030 Bundle - Bike GPS Navigationsystem
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  • Description

    Garmin Edge 1030 Bundle - Bike GPS Navigationsystem GPS Cycle Computer

    Ride longer and stronger while staying connected with the Edge 1030 GPS cycling computer.
    It features Trendline popularity routing, which uses millions of miles of rider data to show you the best on- and off-road routes. Whether you’re a competitor, commuter or an adventure-seeker, we’ve found a better ride for you.

    Scope of delivery - Edge® 1030 and Sensors Bundle

    • Edge 1030 
    • Premium heart rate monitor
    • Cadence sensor
    • Speed sensor
    • Mounts (standard and extended out-front)
    • USB cable
    • Tether
    • Documentation

    Features - Edge 1030 

    Popularity Routing Knows Where Riders Go
    Since the Garmin Connect™ online community was created, cyclists have uploaded millions of miles of ride data. It’s time to put that data to good use with Trendline popularity routing technology. When Edge 1030 generates a ride for you, it finds the best route — choosing from the roads (and trails) most travelled by your fellow cyclists. Or, use the improved and revamped Course Creator in Garmin Connect to generate additional bike-friendly routes based on popularity data.

    Advanced Navigation with Garmin Cycle Map
    Garmin is your guide, whether you like to ride on the road or off. Edge 1030 bike computer is preloaded with the Garmin Cycle Map and includes turn-by-turn navigation and new navigation alerts that notify you of upcoming sharp turns. While you ride, get information about elevation data, see points of interest and search for addresses. Round-trip routing will even generate a route for you. Simply tell Edge 1030 a distance and a starting direction, and it will give you a choice of up to 3 routes. And, of course, it’s smart enough to guide you back to the route if you deviate from it. When you’re planning long rides, you can count on your Edge 1030. It gets up to 20 hours of power, and with the new Garmin Charge integrated battery pack, you can keep your Edge running as long as you do.

    Messages From Rider to Rider
    No need to reach for the phone or worry about your fellow riders when they pull ahead or fall behind. Rider-to-rider messaging lets you send prewritten notes from your Edge 1030 to their Edge. Let your friends know if you’ll catch up in a few minutes or if they should go on without you. If you have a flat tyre or need assistance, you can send a message to your fellow riders paired with GroupTrack, so they can find you.

    Smart Connectivity
    Edge 1030 keeps you connected in other ways, too. Respond to missed phone calls or texts with prewritten messages such as “be home soon.” Give your friends and family — even your fellow riders — peace of mind by letting them follow your rides in real time with LiveTrack and GroupTrack. Take advantage of automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, download free apps and widgets from the Connect IQ™ store, and even connect to Wi-Fi® for easy device software updates.

    Ride with Confidence and Ease
    Edge 1030 works with our new in-line flush mount, which keeps your device in line with the handlebars, not above them. Not only does this give your Edge a lower profile, the mount also makes it effortless to switch out optional accessories such as the Garmin Charge power pack or any of our Varia™ range of cycling awareness devices. Edge 1030 is compatible with Varia rearview radar and smart bike lights to help create a safer riding environment. It also features built-in Incident Detection, which automatically sends your location to an emergency contact if you run into difficulty.

    Strava Live Segments Help You Push to Perform
    Garmin and Strava are bringing you even more ways to test your limits. You’ll still get alerts for segment starts and finishes and be able to virtually compete against your Strava friends with a redesigned second-by-second comparison that shows how you measure up. But now you’ll also be able to see how your current effort compares to your PR, your most recent efforts or the personal best of your friends. And the new Segment Explore feature lets you view popular and marquee segments around you, directly on your Edge.

    From Plan to Performance with TrainingPeaks

    With the TrainingPeaks Connect IQ app, bringing your planned workout with you for every ride is as easy as turning on your Edge 1030. The preloaded app puts your daily workout right on the Edge device. It guides you through your workout in real time, complete with intensity targets and interval durations. After your workout, sync to TrainingPeaks for detailed analysis and to measure progress toward your goals. Create a free TrainingPeaks account, and get started with a free training plan (in English).

    Personalised Race Day Power Plan from Best Bike Split
    Best Bike Split allows you to see how changes in weight, power and drag can affect your goal race time and creates the perfect power plan for race day. With the Best Bike Split Race Sync app, your race day power plan will guide you to your best bike split ever. Simply link your Best Bike Split account with your Edge 1030 and all of your current race plans will be available at your fingertips. Create a free Best Bike Split account (In English) today, and get started planning your perfect race day strategy.

    Monitor Your Performance, Training and Recovery
    Just how effective is your current training plan? Edge 1030 will help you monitor your training and recovery so you can better prepare for a race or Gran Fondo. Training status is a new performance monitoring tool that automatically evaluates your recent exercise history and performance indicators to let you know if you’re training productively, peaking or overreaching. The new anaerobic training effect metric opens a window of insight to a critical dimension of training, telling you how your training is improving your ability to push the limits. You can even view your overall training load, which measures your exercise volume from the last 7 days and compares it to the optimal range for your fitness and recent training history.

    Customise Your Device
    It’s easy to customise Edge 1030 with the free apps, widgets and data fields you want from our Connect IQ store. Apps such as AccuWeather let you know when the rain is going to stop so you can find time for a ride. Get immediate feedback with the MPA and Power app from Xert so you can see if you’re exceeding your maximum power available. A variety of configurable data fields show your favourite stats on one easy-to-see screen.

    Features - Premium heart rate monitor

    This is achieved by an additional lateral contact surface that is integrated in the strap. In addition, the comfort of the chest strap has been optimized a left / right marking supplemented tips and hints for cleaning maintenance on the belt attached, which help to ensure a long-term, error-free heart rate transmission.
    • Improved accuracy of heart rate and decrease transmission through additional and optimized contact area
    • Increased comfort
    • Left / Right marking the correct application of the belt ("L", "R")
    •  Helpful tips for cleaning and caring for unrestricted, long-term life

    Features - Bike Cadence Sensor

    Monitor your pedaling cadence as you ride with this easy-to-install wireless sensor. The cadence sensor fastens to any crank arm size and measures pedal strokes per minute so you can get the most out of your training. Simply attach the sensor and ride. With no magnets or other exposed parts to line up, this sensor is easy to install, maintain and move between bikes.

    Features - Bike Speed Sensor

    Monitor your speed as you ride with this easy-to-install wireless sensor. The speed sensor attaches to the hub of either wheel and self-calibrates with your Edge® to give you accurate speed and distance at all times, including indoors on the turbo trainer. Simply attach the sensor and ride. With no magnets or other exposed parts to line up, this sensor is easy to install, maintain and move between bikes.

    Garmin Edge 1030 Review

    Guido reviews

    It should be well known that Garmin is a specialist in the development and production of receivers for satellite positioning and navigation. Founded in 1989, the company has made a name for itself by making these GPS devices small and handy. No wonder Garmin is among the elite in bike navigation. With the Edge 1030, the Swiss company has already released a successor to the previous model Edge 1000 some time ago. Garmin pushes high demands onto their new flagship product themselves by saying: It‘s nothing less than "the ultimate cycling control centre". Guido was intrigued. Read more...

    To the review

    Product features


    Physical dimensions 58 x 114 x 19 mm
    Weight 123 g
    Water rating IPX7
    Battery rechargeable lithium-ion
    Display size 58 x 114 x 19 mm; 88.9 mm diagonal
    Display resolution 282 x 470 pixels
    Colour display
    Battery life up to 20 hours

    Maps & Memory

    Ability to add maps
    Storage and Power Capacity 16 GB plus microSD™
    Waypoints/favorites/locations 200
    Routes 100 Courses
    History up to 200 hours

    Clock Features



    Barometric altimeter

    Daily Smart Features

    Smart notifications
    VIRB® Camera Remote

    Activity Tracking Features

    Calories burned

    Training, Planning and Analysis Features

    Customisable screen(s)
    Auto Pause®
    Interval training
    Advanced workouts
    Auto Lap®
    V02 max
    Training Effect (aerobic)
    Virtual Partner
    Race an Activity
    Auto scroll

    Running Features

    Recovery advisor

    Cycling Features

    Time/distance alerts (triggers alarm when you reach goal)
    Garmin Cycle Map (routable cycling-specific street map)
    Compatible with Vector™ (power meter)
    Power meter compatible (displays power data from compatible third-party ANT+™-enabled power meters)

    Garmin Connect™

    Garmin Connect™ compatible (online community where you analyse, categorise and share data)
    Automatic sync (automatically transfers data to Garmin Connect)


    • Connectivity: Wi-Fi®, ANT+, Bluetooth®
    • Ambient light sensor
    • Integrated in-ride power capable
    • Set-up streamlined via app
    • Physiological measurements
    • Advanced power
    • Segments: Strava
    • Connected capability: Upload, LiveTrack, weather, notifications, incident detection, GroupTrack, audio prompts, rider to rider messaging
    • 3rd-party app access: via Connect IQ, including preloaded Strava and Training Peaks
    • Preloaded Garmin Cycle Map
    • FTP/watts/kg tracking
    • Training status/training load
    • Navigation via device, apps, popularity routing and recalculation
    • Open API available with select partners
    UPC: 753759173777
  • Reviews
    Man sollte unbedingt den 1030 mit dem Pc verbinden ,vor der Inbetriebname, um alle Updates auf Gerät zu bekommen, ferner sind Garmin Connect und Garmin Express notwendig. Man muss aber auch sehr sehr viel Zeit investieren um einen grossen Teil vom 1030 zu nutzen, habe Stunden im Internet verbracht bis Einstellungen, selber Streckenerstellen, GPS Daten aus dem Netz in den richtigen Ordner laden um dann die Strecken abzufahren klappte. Ist aber ein sehr gutes Gerät mit vielen Möglichkeiten und tollen Funktionen. Ein Stern Abzug weil kein ordentliches Manual dabei ist.
    Tolles Gerät, halt Garmin Man braucht nur ein wenig Zeit um einzurichten.
    Bin von meinem alten Edge 810 auf dieses Modell gewechselt und es hat sich gelohnt! Viel bessere Menüführung und mehr Einstellmöglichkeiten... Lieferung auch top!!
    Ich bin sowas von begeistert...Endlich mal ein sinnvolles Gerät!!
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