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Tube AV 27.5x1.95-2.25
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Tube AV 27.5x1.95-2.25
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Item no.: 10032191
  • Description

    Foss Tube AV 27.5x1.95-2.25

    The new FOSS EFT tube system is being produced from a thermoplastic elastomer compound, which not only makes it especially lightweight but also puncture-proof.
    If the bicycle tire or hose is damaged, this highly polymerized rubber hose forms a tight seal, like tubeless car tire systems. The immediate escape of the air is thus delayed, and the safety of the cyclist is ensured. TPE is, in contrast to conventional bicycle tires, completely recyclable and thus very environmentally friendly. The hose has a material density of 0.88 g / cm³, which is about 30 percent less than conventional hoses with a density of 1.3 g / cm³.

    Product features

    • Material: TPE
    • Size: (650b) 27.5x1.95-2.25
    • Valve Type: Schrader-Valve / Auto-Valve (AV)


    • approx. 160 g
    Please note: This hose should only be repaired with self-adhesive patches from Foss. With a lighter and "stick" at the damage point with a flat-nose pliers.

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 x Foss tube AV 27.5x1.95-2.25
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