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TWIST Bottle 450 + Uni Base
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TWIST Bottle 450 + Uni Base
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colour: black
Item no.: 20073747
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  • Description

    Fidlock TWIST Bottle 450 + Uni Base

    With the revolutionary TWIST Bottle 450, Fidlock defines the future of the drinking bottle and its mounting on the bicycle frame. Thanks to its innovative magnetic-mechanical functional principle, its function and handling are fundamentally different from the conventional and familiar.

    Large drinking bottle with 450 ml volume: the Twist Bottle 450 + Uni Base from Fidlock

    The drinking bottle, on whose wall two magnets and mechanical detents are attached, can be attached to two magnets on the counterpart and removed again by turning. The counterpart in turn is fixed to the bicycle frame with two special screws. The advantages are obvious. TWIST Bottle can even be used on narrow frame geometries, i.e. where the use of a conventional bicycle bottle holder is problematic. But the Bottle 450 also cuts a fine figure at conventional bottle holder positions! The bottle can be released from the magnetic-mechanical detent simply by turning or twisting it and then re-engaged by simply bringing the magnets together, even while riding. Recent test results confirmed that even "a freeride course with several jumps and stone fields" was overcome without any problems, without the bottle falling off. TWIST Bottle is particularly suitable for all cyclists who have problems with the handling of conventional bicycle bottle holders and in particular have difficulties removing the bicycle bottles from the cage during the ride to drink and then reinsert them.
    In addition to all handling advantages, the Fidlock TWIST Bottle 450 eliminates annoying rattling and other annoying noises. In addition, lost bottles are now a thing of the past.

    Features - TWIST Bottle 450 + Uni Base

    • Easy mounting on BCM 64 bottle holder holders
    • Intuitive withdrawal through the TWIST rotary movement
    • Secure fit - never lose bottles again
    • No annoying rattling disturbs the enjoyment of the bike
    • Bottle at Fully - no more problem!
    • Large filling opening - easy to clean
    • Dishwasher safe

    Product features

    • Material: BPA-free polypropylene
    • Diameter: 28 - 62mm
    • Capacity: 450ml


    • The Fidlock water bottle fits every bicycle, but is specially designed for particularly narrow bicycle frames.


    • black

    Scope of delivery

    • 1x Fidlock TWIST Bottle 450 + Uni Base

    Fidlock Bottle Twist

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