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SUITO-T Direct Drive Trainer
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SUITO-T Direct Drive Trainer
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  • Description

    Elite SUITO-T Direct Drive Trainer

    The Suito-T is quickly installed and ready for training! The powerful and compact direct trainer is at the forefront among interactive trainers for roller training at home. It is characterized by easy handling, reliable accuracy and the possibility to simulate high wattages. And of course by the realistic riding experience it provides.

    Quiet, practical and smart: the Suito-T trainer from Elite

    This is all thanks to a streamlined design that ensures total compatibility with various bicycle models, excellent power levels that simulate slopes up to 15% and connectivity with any indoor training software and apps on the market. Suito is also easy to store and transport thanks to its reduced size and compact structure that turn it into the ideal home trainer to keep around the house as it always ensures reduced clutter.

    Scope of delivery - Suito-T home trainer with direct drive

    • 1 x Elite Suito-T
    • 1 x Freehub Shimano 9-/10-/11-speed (cassette not included!)
    • 1 x Travel Block front wheel stand
    • 12-month free subscription to My E-Training software & app
    • 1-month free subscription to Zwift app
    Please note: All Elite trainers are equipped with the german power plug(220-240 V). However, when using an adapter you are able to use it i.e. in the U.S. (110V).


    • With integrated power meter with an accuracy of +/- 2.5%
    • Resistor computer-controlled via ANT+ (FE-C) or Bluetooth
    • Full interaction with App, software and Windows PC and Mac, as well as tablets and smartphones via ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart
    • Simulates gradients up to 15%
    • Compatible with bicycles with 130 - 135 x 5 mm hubs with quick releases and 142 x 12 mm removable axles
    • Including travel block for the front wheel
    • 12 months App Access My E-Training
    • 1 months App Access Zwift

    Product features

    • Model: Suito-T
    • Stand: Foldable feet
    • Rolls: Direct drive
    • Resistance: Magnetic resistance unit, electronically controlled
    • Resistance levels: Stepless
    • Flywheel: 3,5 kg
    • Compatible with:
      • My E-Training Software & App
      • Zwift
      • Trainerroad
      • Kinomap
      • The Sufferest
      • Bikevo
    • Available on:
      • Smartphone
      • Tablet
      • PC
      • Bike computer
      • Sports watches
      • ANT+
      • Bluetooth
    • Compatible Cassette:
      • Shimano 9/10/11-speed (MTB/Road)
      • SRAM 9/10/11-speed (Road)
      • Campagnolo (optional freewheel body available)
      • SRAM XD/XDR (optional freewheel body available)
      • Shimano Micro Spline (optional freewheel body available)
    • High power output: 1900 Watt (40 km/h) - 2900 W (60 km/h)
    • Suitable for:
      • 130 - 135 x 5mm QR
      • 142 x 12mm TA
    • Size
      • unfolded: 760 x 560 x 495mm / 29,92”x22,04”x19,48”
      • folded: 560 x 150 x 495 mm / 22,04”x5,90”x19,48”
    • Connection indicator: Power source, ANT+ and Bluetooth (3 LED lights)
    • Firmware update aviable: yes
    • Accuracy: +/- 2.5%
    • Simulates gradient: up to 15%


    • 14,5kg (manufactorer information)


    Compact, like no other home trainer
    Another fundamental feature of the Suito-T is its extremely compact design, which is the basis for its great compatibility with almost all bicycle models on the market. Consisting in two steel side sections, this home trainer boasts a slim, sleek and thin profile, like no other home trainer. It's ideal to easily store your home trainer anywhere in your house after each use, without having to worry about occupying too much space in your house or gym.

    Stable design
    On the strength of the incredibly robust design given by its solid steel structure, Suito-T is a home trainer created to remain steady even during the most energetic threshold workouts by ensuring great stability, durability and no skipping even during the most intense sprints. Its structurally-enhanced belt, wider base and height-adjustable feet (perfect to find balance on every surface) contribute to the incredible stability of the home trainer. In order to make it easier and quicker to configure your pain cave, unfolding the home trainer legs includes an easy to use safety lock mechanism: just unfold them until the automatic lock mechanism snaps for each leg. As a procedure it's much easier and quicker than the regular removing of the screws.

    Easy transport
    Suito-T also features a practical integrated handle so you can transport the home trainer in an easy and balanced way anytime, indoors or outdoors. The handle is placed in a central area compared to how mass is distributed and there's an area in the rear for the power supply cord that protects the connectors and prevents any accidental disconnection.

    Performance is key
    Suito-T automatically adjusts resistance, simulating slopes up to 15%, a percentage that places it among Elite's most performing home trainers, even under the most demanding training sessions.

    Power Meter Link
    The electronically managed magnetic resistance unit of the Suito-T covers a wide power interval with ± 2,5% accuracy. You can also activate the Power Meter Link (PML), a Suito-T function that uses an ergometer already on your bicycle as a power source. If the PML is activated, the home trainer will align resistance to the power level measured by the ergometer. You can enable or disable the PML via the Elite My E-Training software.

    Suito-T is one of the quietest home trainers you'll ever find on the market thanks to its perfectly balanced flywheel — which avoids even the slightest vibration — and its compact structure, ideal to avoid any risk of resonance. Chain noise is the only thing you'll hear when training with your Suito-T, and that's only when you switch gears.

    Sensorless cadence
    All home trainers by Elite immediately send power, speed and cadence data, thus becoming effective instruments to plan an accurate training program and faithfully replicate pedalling on the road. Cadence measurement is done via the practical sensorless technology — that is with no sensors on the bicycle — and is calculated on the Suito-T as a function of speed variations.

    Video: Elite SUITO. Ready. Set. Go.

  • Customer reviews
    My first smart trainer. I wanted a direct drive smart trainer without it costing more than my bike. I wanted interactivity with cycling training apps (e.g. Zwift) plus something quiet and I was not disappointed. I was a bit nervous unboxing it, plugging it in and then what? I didn't really know what to do next, I knew my end goal but it's not clear for a newbie of how you interface it with the laptop and/or mobile applications. I had to Google terms such as ANT+ vs bluetooth. The interactivity with my laptop was a bit shaky at first, mainly because I have a very old laptop but with perseverance on the tech side it's all working smoothly now. I'm extremely happy with this product, even the kids wanted a go! You can buy with confidence.
    ...jetzt bin ich auch in der Trainerwelt 2.0 angekommen :-)! Habe bis vor kurzem noch mit einem anlogen Rolle trainiert. Bin da nie groß über 1 Stunde Training rausgekommen, da das dann echt öde für mich wurde. Bin jetzt aber voll von Zwift infiziert. Hätte nicht gedacht, dass mir vernetztes Training so ein Spaß machen kann. AAA Meine Nachbarn freut es auch. Rollengeräusch ist deutlich leiser und ich trainiere mehr Indoor online.
    Ich treniere mit Suito jeden zweiten Tag seit Anfang November und ich bin begeistert. Die Konnektivität ist hervorragend, es funktioniert mit iPad, Rechner, iPhone. Ja, es hat nicht die Genauigkeit von Premium Marken aber hey, +-2,5% für den Preis ist absolut ok.
    Sehr schlecht, nie wieder Elite. Zum Gerät selber kann ich nicht viel sagen, da meins nicht funktionierte. Der Telefonsupport von Bike Discount sagt nur zurück schicken, aber ein Ersatzgerät kann natürlich nicht geliefert werden. Die Reparatur würde mindestens 8 bis 12 Wochen dauern. Also hatte ich zuerst versucht, das Problem direkt über den Elite Support zu klären. Aber nach weit über 4 Wochen ist nicht einmal eine Antwort gekommen. Ganz ehrlich, wenn ich ein neues Gerät kaufe, sollte es funktionieren. Wenn nicht, muss zumindest für schnellen Ersatz gesorgt werden oder eine Reparatur erfolgen. Das Problem ist wohl bekannt und einfach durch tausch einer kleinen Platine zu lösen. So hatte ich es auf jeden Fall mehrfach in Foren gelesen. Aber wenn ein Hersteller keinen Support bietet geht halt nichts. Deswegen nie wieder ein Gerät von Elite!!!
    Great smart trainer. Works really nice and as a bonus it is really small when folded. I'm happy I managed to grab one when it was in stock early December.
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