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Dextro Energy
Carbo Mineral Drink 2kg Red Orange
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Dextro Energy
Carbo Mineral Drink 2kg Red Orange
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  • Description

    Dextro Energy Carbo Mineral Drink 2kg Red Orange

    Carbo Mineral Drink from DEXTRO ENERGY is an energy electrolyte drink that improves performance, quickly creating a proper fluid balance and supporting muscular function.

    Helps maintain energy reserves.


    Balances out fluid lost.
    Provides sufficient minerals.


    Here’s how DEXTRO ENERGY Drink works
    The combination of short and medium chain carbohydrates ensure that the body receives an immediate and effective energy supply. Furthermore the right combination of potassium, magnesium and, particularly important, sodium, helps regulate the body’s water balance and support the performance ability of the muscles. The hypotonic Carbo Mineral Drink provides the body with a fast supply of fluids which, in turn, ensures that the water balance is quickly replenished after considerable sweat loss.


    Quenches even the strongest thirst
    The hypotonic properties of the DEXTRO ENERGY Carbo Mineral Drink make it easy to digestible which means that larger quantities may also be consumed without any concerns. Do not forget, however, that the body cannot absorb more than 0.8-1l fluids/hour.


    Handy sachets:

    • no extra measuring required – simply stir the contents of one sachet into 750 ml water, the powder dissolves quickly
    • hygienically packed
    • sachet fits into every pocket,
    • making it ideal for people on the move
    • TASTE

    Frequent drinkers need variety
    DEXTRO ENERGY comes in two variants:

    • Red Orange – fruity, tangy
    These drinks are easily digested and, with their refreshing flavours, they also taste good if they get warm (e.g. in extreme outdoor temperatures).

    • 1 box contains 2 kg resulting 27 liters of sports drink
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