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FUEGO 1.0 Smart Trainer
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FUEGO 1.0 Smart Trainer
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  • Description

    Dare2Ride FUEGO 1.0 Smart Trainer

    The FUEGO 1.0 from Dare2Ride is a direct-drive smart trainer with a very low noise level that offers you a realistic ride feeling. It is compatible with all of today's most popular training programs such as Zwift, TrainerRoad, Rouvy, PerfPro and Kinomap. It's the perfect trainer to help you become a better cyclist and train from the comfort of your own home.

    Realistic Smart Trainer experience: FUEGO 1.0 Smart Trainer from Dare2Ride

    Thanks to technology and on-going research, our flywheel has been developed to match the resistance unit to bring real-life bike sensations indoors. With a weight of 5.7 kg, the flywheel of the FUEGO 1.0 smart trainer offers an ideal level of inertia for a more realistic riding experience and easier transport of the trainer. The FUEGO 1.0. simulates gradients up to 20%. The resistance can be quickly adjusted to simulate differences in height. At just 52dB (@30KPH), the FUEGO 1.0. is considered a quiet indoor bike trainer, transmitting a sound similar in intensity to an electrical fan. The FUEGO 1.0. is the ideal trainer for any household.

    Features - Dare2Ride FUEGO 1.0

    Assemble with ease
    The FUEGO 1.0 is easy to assemble right out of the box. The trainer is compatible with an 8, 9, 10 and 11 speed cassette, so that you can replicate your outdoor bike, in the comfort of your own home. Zero calibration is needed to get you in the saddle and training quicker than ever.

    Low sound transmission
    The FUEGO 1.0 has been refined to put out little to no noise at all. It’s so quite that the only you will only hear a faint sound similar in intensity to an electrical fan.

    ANT+ and Bluetooth allow the FUEGO 1.0. to communicate and connect to your preferred devices and applications. Use your smartphone (IOS/Android), computer (Windows/MAC OS), GPS or FEC-enabled devices to connect to your favourite training platform. The FUEGO 1.0 connects to many of today’s popular training software including ZWIFT, TrainerRoad, Rouvy, Kinomap, PerfPRO and TACX films (for TTS).

    Real-road simulated feel
    The 5.7 Kg flywheel provides the optimal inertia required, giving a more realistic ride feel.

    Durable design an sturdy construction
    DDesigned to withstand the most intense training sessions, the FUEGO 1.0 is built from heavy steel to endure year after year.

    The 5.7 Kg flywheel provides the optimal inertia required, giving a more realistic ride feel.

    The FUEGO 1.0 simulates inclines up to 20%. It is quick to adjust resistance to simulate changes in elevation when paired to applications and software.

    Maximum power
    The FUEGO 1.0 is capable of generating 2500W at 58KPH offering a wide range of sprint resistance to the user.

    Measures power output within +/- 2% accuracy range.

    Product features

    • Trainer type: Smart trainer with direct drive
    • Version: 1.0
    • Accuracy: ±2%
    • Dimensions (built up): 620mm x 518mm x 453mm
    • Rear wheel compatibility: 24" to 29"
    • Drivetrain: Requires purchase/installation of new cassette: 8/9/10 speed SRAM/Shimano
    • Maximum Simulated Grade: 20% (70kg)
    • Maximum Power Output: 2500W
    • Flywheel weight: 5,7kg
    • Connectivity: ANT+, ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth
    • Devices: iOS, Android, PC (Mac and Windows)
    • Compatibilität traning software: ZWIFT, TrainerRoad, Rouvy, Kinomap, PerfPro, Tacx films for tts.
    • Front wheel block: Not needed
    • Hub types: 130/135 mm QR, 12 x 142 und 12 x 148 thru axle - adapter included


    • 21.33 kg (manufacturer information)

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 x Dare2Ride FUEGO 1.0 Smart Trainer
    • 1 x Front bottom tube
    • 1 x Rear bottom tube
    • 1 x X2 bolt
    • 1 x X2 nut
    • 1 x 1.8mm cassette washer
    • 1 x Tuning knob – for front/rear bottom tubes adjustment and tightness
    • 1 x Quick release kit
    • 1 x Open-end wrench
    • 1 x Power adapter
    • 1 x Adapter A for quick release cassette nut
    • 1 x Adapter B for quick release 130mm/135mm
    • 1 x Adapter C for thru axle cassette
    • 1 x Adapter D for thru axle 12×142/ 12x148mm

    The DARE2RIDE FUEGO 1.0 is only 52dB at 30KPH. 52dB is about as loud as an indoor fan.

  • Customer reviews
    Das erste Trainer begann bei ca. 30kmh zu vibrieren und es wurde richtig laut. Habe den Hersteller kontaktiert und ich bekam innerhalb von ein paar Tagen ein Austauschgerät, dass nun wie versprochen super leise ist. Verbindungen funktionieren einfach und waren beim Testen stabil, sollte es im weiteren Betrieb auffälliges geben, trage ich es nach, wenn nicht ist auch das super und die Bewertung passt :)
    Toller Trainer in einem unschlagbaren Preis Leistungsverhältnis, problemloser Aufbau mit benötigtem Zubehör. Kein lästiges bestellen von zusätzlichen Adaptern usw... Hat mich bislang voll überzeugt in Kombi mit Zwift.
    Habe mir diesen Smart Trainer aufgrund des guten Preises gekauft. Bin bis jetzt sehr zufrieden damit. Der Aufbau und die Kopplung mit Zwift haben sehr gut geklappt. Jetzt heisst es ihn testen. Aber bis jetzt ist mir nichts negatives aufgefallen.
    Endlich mal ein Smart Trainer bei dem der Lieferumfang auch stimmt. Der Adapter für die verschiedenen Ausfallenden sind im Lieferumfang enthalten. Online gehen, anmelden und schon bist Du trotz Schnee auf der Straße im Rennen. AAA!
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