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Litening C:68 Race Frame teamline
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Litening C:68 Race Frame teamline
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Item no.: 20044113
  • Description

    Cube Litening C:68 Race Frame teamline

    The Cube Litening C:68 Race frame is a featherweight responsive riding machine, that will find favour with perfectionist racers and lightweight connoisseurs alike.
    If you want to compete at the highest level you can't take any shortcuts to victory. By using the latest carbon technology, optimized tube shapes and our Super HPC Monocoque Advanced Twin Mold technology we managed to create the Litening C68 frame with an almost unbelievable weight while still raising the bar in terms of stiffness and comfort. The geometry is athletic and slightly stretched for maximum power transfer while still maintaining the typically nimble CUBE ride.

    Product features - Litening C:68 Race Frame teamline

    • Material: Carbon CUBE C:68 Advanced Twin Mold Technology, Internal Cable Routing
    • Seat post: 27.2mm
    • Seat clamp: 31.8mm
    • Front deraileur: 31.8mm / cable routing from below
    • Headtube diameter: Tapered 1 1/8" - 1 1/4" integrated IS42 - IS47 (Cube Headset FSA Orbit C33 ACB  #10361)
    • Bottom bracket housing: Pressfit 86mm
    • Wheel size: 28"
    • Dropout: Standard quick release 130mm
    • Suitable fork Cube Litening C:68 Race Fork teamline


    • teamline


    • 910g (50cm)

    Scope of delivery

    • Cube Litening C:68 Race Frame teamline


    C:68 Carbon Technology
    Manufacturing process: the highly specific manufacturing process combines our Advanced Twin Mold and Zero techniques with the right materials to create the lightest carbon fibre frame on the market. Advanced Twin Mold is a special manufacturing process. We minimise imprecise overlaps by accurately fitting individual carbon layers’ overlap regions during the monocoque building process. The result is a frame with no superfluous weight – every gramme counts. We also use a solid core in the centre of the frame during the manufacturing process, which is removed when the frame is finished. This reduces the buildup of folded material and increases the safety and integrity of our lightest frames. Zero means not bonding components to the frame unless it’s absolutely necessary. Different materials have different characteristics. Because of this, it can be risky to combine multiple materials. So we don’t use bonded aluminium components like bottom bracket shells or bearing sleeves in any of our C:68 frames. The only exception we make is for screw threads, which have to be aluminium (rather than carbon) to guarantee durability. By using this minimalist approach we save weight on the C:68 frame and mimise potential weak points – a CUBE bike should last for years!

    Materials, of course, are just as important as the manufacturing process. We can only produce our high quality C:68 carbon by using the best mix of individual ingredients. Achieving the extremely high carbon content of 68% means minimising the resin that joins the fibres together. We’ve reduced the space between fibres by applying Spread Tow Material – something that was made possible by the fibre bundles’ flat structure. These are not round, but have a stretched out cross section. This results in fewer gaps that have to be filled with resin. Because of the biaxial structure we can layer the fibres in two different directions within a single layer, allowing us to reduce wall thickness by up to 25% without compromising the stiffness or durability of the frame.

    Integrated Cable Routing

    Internally routed cables offer many advantages. Cables are protected from dirt for longer life, weight is saved thanks to the absence of external housing and the bike has a clean, sleek appearance.

    Press Fit BB
    With Press Fit bearings, the bottom bracket bearings are pressed directly into the frame and not screwed in as usual. This gives a wider bottom bracket shell and allows us to build a wider down tube and more broadly-spaced chainstays. Every millimetre of additional width gives a significant improvement in lateral stiffness.

    Tapered Steerer
    This steerer tube design is stiffer than a conventional straight steerer and yields a more secure ride feel even in difficult terrain. Minimal flex at the front of the frame means the greatest possible steering precision. With the larger steerer, the forks become more rigid. At the same time weight is saved due to the absence of bearing shells as the lower bearing is fully integrated into the head tube. On all of our CUBE carbon models the upper bearing shells are also directly in the frame, so that once more a few grams are saved and the energy transfer is very direct.

    Advanced Twin Mold
    The Advanced Twin Mold process eliminates any dangerous folding by continuous control of carbon fibers during the curing process. This is made possible by an internal form which provides the perfect frame form during the layup process. Each individual fibre remains precisely in position as it cures. In this way less material can be used as the individual layers can be more accurately and reliably positioned. This production method also makes it possible to increase the carbon fibre proportion in line with anticipated loadings at specific points on the frame. All SUPER HPC models from 2014 on are manufactured using this high-tech method.

    Wet Paint Surface
    On polished, brushed aluminium and all HPC frames, the logos and graphics are applied in multi-layer wet paint. We use this surface treatment technology mainly to save weight.
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