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Grand Prix 4000 20-622 mm black
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Grand Prix 4000 20-622 mm black
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Item no.: YY00001362
  • Description

    Continental Grand Prix 4000 20-622 mm black

    Grand Prix 4000 - real professional stuff! The activated silica compound improves the handling at stability limits and gives great rolling resistance. The anti-tear formula in the rubber compound prevents tread brittleness while increasing mileage performance.
    The extra special thing about the GP 4000 and GP 4000S is their puncture protection made from Vectran liquid crystal fibres. The patented Vectran Breaker reconciles the conflicting goals of low weight, low rolling resistance and top puncture and cut resistance in a fascinating manner. The Vectran fluid crystals fibres were developed for airbag systems in the automotive and aerospace industries. The material is extremly tear and cut resistant and is also flexible. It retains these properties even under constant stress - as opposed to Aramide.
    • 3 plies / total 330 tpi / Vectran Breaker / foldable
    • Black Chilli Compound
    • Inflation: 130-160 psi
    • Weight: 185 g
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