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Busch + Müller
Lumotec IQ2 LUXOS U LED Headlight
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Busch + Müller
Lumotec IQ2 LUXOS U LED Headlight
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  • Description

    Busch + Müller Lumotec IQ2 LUXOS U LED Headlight Front Lights

    The first LUMOTEC with IQ2 technology. Gigantic output. New features. Light delight has never been greater. With USB output port.

    IQ2 technology
    With a new light and refl ector design, Busch & Müller raises the bar for dynamo powered LED headlights: 70 Lux, light fi eld twice as wide as previous LED headlights, lights an area that is several times larger, maximally homogenous. Dynamo powered light enters a new dimension – so wide, so far, so pristinely bright.

    Panorama light at close range
    The light fi eld is as excellent and wide as never before: directly in front of the bicycle and also to its side, beyond the edge of the road. Technology: additional LEDs, controlled electronically.

    Flood light
    Full output of all light sources. Ideal for navigating tricky road sections in pitch darkness. Activated by push button. Push button during the day: fl ashing headlight. During darkness while standing still: full light.

    USB charging option
    Charges USB devices (mobile phone, GPS, MP3 player) with USB energy. An integrated lithium cache battery supplies constant voltage.

    Handlebar push button
    Now you control your light directly. All important light functions can be switched on the handlebar: ON/OFF, fl oodlight, fl ashing headlight etc.

    Integrated lithium cache battery
    This additional energy storage unit is used for peaks of demand as well as charging. Recharges continually when cycling. The charging status is indicated by an LED inside the handlebar button.

    LICHT24. Day Ride light
    Signalling LEDs shining brightly forward. A sensor automatic switches automatically between day and night mode.

    Automatic. Special LEDs are directed so they are perceived by other traffic participants. Can be switched off with the handlebar push button.

    Scope of delivery

    • Lumotec IQ2 LUXOS U LED Headlight
    • Handlebar Switch with USB output (60 cm Cable)
    • Cable 2m
    • Mounting Material
  • Reviews
    Nice piece of kit
    I have just cycled 20,000 km from the UK to NZ on these tyres and I have only had one puncture - Brilliant product!
    Ich bin mit dieser Fahrradlampe bisher zufrieden, die USB-Ladefunktion konnte ich bisher nicht tetsten, da das Wetter es bisher nicht zugelassen hat. Fahrten bei leichtem Regen hat dieser Scheinwerfer bisher unbeschadet überstanden. Die Fahrbahnausleuchtung ist für meine Meinung wirklich sehr gut, außerdem wird diese abhängig von der Geschwindigkeit dynamisch angepasst. Alles in allem eine Investition die sich lohnt, zumal Bike-Discount den so ziemlich günstigsten Preis angeboten hat.
    Ein Stern abzug weil das Fernlicht nicht den Lichtkegel erweitert. Ansonsten sehr angenehm.
    Top Produkt !!! zum TOP preis
    Ich habe kürzlich das Licht erworben. Bereits nach kurzer Zeit haben sich Probleme beim Lenkerschalter offenbart. Das Licht funktioniert zwar tadellos. Aber sobald ich das Fernlicht mit dem Lenkerschalter anschalten will, geht die Lampe in einen nervigen Blinkmodus über, der erst nach einer gewissen Standzeit aufhört. Der Blinkmodus setzt ein, sobald ich überhaupt den Lenkerschalter betätige. Schade. Im übrigen gibt ja das Luxos ein gutes Licht ab. Anscheinend ist der Lenkertaster sehr nässeempfindlich. Die Probleme setzten ein, als ich des öfteren im Regen unterwegs war. Das müsste aber die Lampe aushalten.
    Installation facile, on roule de nuit comme en plein jour, impressionnant! La recharge du téléphone, même en fonction gps, est possible. La prise USB est étanche. Envoi rapide et bien suivi. Je recommande sans hésiter
    I cannot recommend this product. I have owned two of these since March 2015, both supplied by this retailer. Both lights have suffered from water ingress. The first was water ingress into the actual lamp body, leaving dirty streak marks on the inside of the lens, reflector and on the LEDs. The second lamp failed as of yesterday, due to water ingress into the handlebar mounted switch. This has left the light totally useless, as now the head light and tail-light, which is connected via the head-light, now pulse weakly when I spin the dynamo front wheel. I had read reports prior to buying this light, about the earlier versions suffering with water ingress into the switch causing the 'pulsing' issue. However after B&M appeared to have addressed this issue, I had hoped I too wouldn't suffer the same fate. Both lights have only been subjected once to rain, during 200km and 400km audaxes respectively. For both to suffer with water ingress and for a colleagues to do the same on yesterdays ride (water in handlebar switch, causing light to pulse), shows that B&M have a BIG problem with this product. I would advise prospective purchasers to steer well clear and spend your hard earned cash on a more reliable product. I hope that bike.discount.de, turn out to be better at resolving this issue with both my lights, than B&M are at making this particular light. Bitterly disappointed, having been a B&M product owner for many trouble free years up until this point..
    very goooood!
    Mega! Zwar ist das Leuchtsystem sehr teuer und das Design des Schweinwerfergehäuses gefällt mir auch nicht so gut, dafür ist das System technisch sehr gut durchdacht. Ich mag die vielen funktionellen Details und die Starke Leistung der Lampe. Bin sehr zufrieden damit und würde diesen Scheinwerfer auch jedem Tourenfahrer weiterempfehlen!
    Qualität super! Licht ist Wahnsinn!
    I have had the headlight for about 2.5 months and have found it absolutly amaizing!!! It gives off far more light than is needed and often has so much that I will actually have been flashed by cars and my wife mistook me coming home as a motorcycle light. It will give more than enough light. The usb charger isn't actually right on the switch but is an attachment that connects to a port on the light switch. I think it is the same connector that is on the e-werk system but I'm not totally sure. I may try it to make sure.
    Die Ausleuchtung mit diesem Scheinwerfer ist der Hammer. Aktuell das Mass der Dinge. Kleine Kritik gibt es bei der Ausstattung. Es fehlt die Befestigungsschraube für die Befestigung an der Gabel. Ein weiteres Minus sind die Anschlüsse für Dynamo und Rücklicht. Diese sind zu labil ausgeführt und wenn alle 4 Stecker angeschlossen sind, kann die mitglieferte Abdeckung für den Haltebügel nicht angebracht werden.
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